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Hi I'm Lise

I'm a ten times grandma, an independent thinker, and things must make sense to me. I love my freedom to choose. And I'm a mormon.

About Me

I love almost everything as long as it is positive. Subjects are history, archaeology, astronomy, researching stories about my ancestors, the fine arts, and people of all cultures. Love to travel, and have circled the globe a few times. Have spent part of my life in Europe and the Middle East, but my home is in the USA. I became a citizen in the very special year of 1976. I grew up loving the outdoors. Was a pretty good runner, and could use the compass well to win some orienteering competitions. I learned figure skating for fun, but preferred to ski. There is nothing better than being surrounded by fresh snow, with a bright sun above to make the ground and trees sparkle, while you cross country through it all. I used to take week-long bike trips in the summer, and to swim in lakes and oceans. My favorite sport is hiking, and I still do it when I can. Hiked the Grand Canyon a few years ago, but can tell that my age is making it more challenging than before. I also love to dance, waltz being my favorite. But my absolute favorite is my family. I love them, love them, love them! We are spread in 4 States and Europe. Family gatherings therefore require some travel. Every time we meet is precious to me, especially because I am getting older. I love life and hope to live a long time. Now that I am retired and not working two jobs, I have more time to look for opportunities to serve. I do like to look beyond my own concerns and help someone else in need.

Why I am a Mormon

I wasn’t born a Mormon, but grateful for my religious upbringing in a Protestant faith, teaching me about Christ. However, at age 10 the trinity did not make sense to me. When Christ was baptized there were 3 personages present, not 1. When nobody could explain, I assumed that children could not understand. At chapel once, my attention focused on a picture of Christ with the children, and a scripture with Christ’s words to let the children come unto him, for such were of the Kingdom of Heaven, Mark 10:13-15. How could children be of God’s Kingdom, and adults admonished to become like children, if little children were born in sin, and going to hell if not baptized? Confusing. One day Mormon missionaries came and taught that there are 3 separate personages in the Godhead, but they are one in mind and purpose. They also taught that children are innocent until old enough to know right from wrong. At age11 I had my answers. Attended church for a year before asking my parents for permission to be baptized. My mom had joined, but not my dad yet. Both said it had to be my own decision, and I was happily baptized by immersion. Have not been sorry once, more than half a century later. I am grateful for prophets and revelation, because they keep truth pure. Truth is how things really are. I love reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon because they testify of Christ. The BoM helps me understand the Bible better with its clear writings. Communication with God through prayer is literal to me. Why are radio waves any more believable than ‘prayer waves’ reaching our Heavenly Father? If we listen, He always answers. We just have to tune in.

How I live my faith

I am very much aware that I am not perfect, so all I can say is that I try my best to live what I believe. I get help in the scriptures, personal prayer, choosing the positive, attending church and serving in church callings. My faith that we are all God’s children and that He loves us, makes me want to help others. I like to serve in the community when I have a chance. It is nice to see someone happy when helped. I am also grateful for those who help me. Life can be pretty hard, but I have never felt that God is not there or does not care. I strive to be more like the good I see around me. I like to understand how other people think. I read about other cultures and have studied many other Christian faiths, plus every major world religion, and read in many of their holy scriptures. My religion is to strive to love God and all His children. A few years ago I had my great wish fulfilled by serving a full time mission. I learned that no matter how far we have fallen into despair there is a way to lift ourselves up by asking for His help. God has a great interest in us, and wants us to be happy. Adam and Eve gave us the opportunity to live on this earth as humans. We make mistakes, but the power to change lies within us. Christ’s mercy makes up for the difference when we do our very best. I do not see church as a place for perfect people, but rather a place to learn and become more like Christ who was the great example of love and mercy. I do not believe that religion is a once a week affair. It is living life every day in a positive way. I do not go to church because I have to. I go to church because I really want to. I feel free. If I used drugs, I would not be free, but chained to a destroying habit. If I let my friends influence me to go against my own feelings and beliefs, I am not free. But choosing to live true principles, and being obedient to God’s commandments, is totally liberating.