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Hi I'm Lauren!

I am 24. I work for a major medical claims billing company. I am a happy mom and wife. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I attended BYU where I developed my passion for theater, specifically teaching theater. I will be a HS theater teacher... one day :) I am a new mom and loving it! I plan to attend cosmetology school for hair so I can have a good lookin' family and work from home and around theater productions; but currently I work full time for a medical clearinghouse. I enjoy the outdoors! I am a liberal and proud of it :) And, I recently learned to drive stick shift - so watch out :)

Why I am a Mormon

My mom converted when she was 16 but fully developed her testimony in her 20's after she'd experienced not living the gospel and the hardships that came with that. My dad converted for a lovely young woman who in the end didn't pick him, but as he continued to learn he developed his testimony and not only stayed an active member but also inspired his entire family to investigate the church and they ultimately all were baptized. Because of their strength and determination to learn more and more about the gospel, I was blessed to be able to be born into a LDS family. However, my family has had many hardships which at times made me look at why I’m a Mormon. My parents struggled and weren't always the best examples. It was up to me to decide if the gospel was true. When I was in HS I studied the scriptures personally and attended early morning seminary before school, I practiced the word of wisdom by not participating with some of my theater friends "extra curricular activities" (they Knew not to offer anything to me), and I prayed often. Because of my faithfulness to the gospel I was blessed to be protected from adversity I witnessed others experiencing. Therefore, I was able to evaluate the teachings of the gospel and whether they were just logical or whether they were Truth. I am Happy to have a testimony that this church is true. I feel it everyday!

How I live my faith

I proud of who I am and that I’m a mormon so it's easy to live it. I love service work - I participate whenever I’m available. In my area, I am the 2nd counselor in the presidency of the Relief Society Women's Organization and I work with the missionary effort. I 100% feel that working with your own family and community first, greatly impacts the world. I love to hike and exercise (though I should do more). I am so not perfect but I do try to stay positive, be honest (especially at work), be a good citizen and be loving to others no matter their political associations, sexuality, or financial status. I try to be the best example of a Latter-Day Saint - because of that I am open about when I make mistakes. The more open I am about what I believe and where I stand, while continuing to love everyone, the easier it is to continue to try to be righteous.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

To be each other's #1 in an Equal partnership! It should be clear that we all have different talents & experience & lifestyles so equal doesn't mean exactly the same. In my marriage, we both have wonderful things to offer to the family & each other, it's important that we Do. At this particular time I am working full time providing the monetary part as well some childcare & my hub-bub is taking care of our new little girl while finishing his bachelors at UNC-A. We both cook, clean, complain ;), feed/bathe/play with our child, & work. We both came from broken families and from little means so we are determined to teach our children Together what love, family, respect, hard work & service is. It takes all those things to not only have a marriage last but to get through life in general! We KNOW we will be successful - because we're focused and excited about being together & having a wonderful family life - But most importantly, because we have the gospel in our lives, we have clear guidelines on how to have & keep a happy family. Unity is so vital. Look up "The Family:A Proclamation to the World" ( http://lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?hideNav=1&sourceId=1aba862384d20110VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=5158f4b13819d110VgnVCM1000003a94610aRCRD ) Show more Show less