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Hi I'm Marissa

I love baking, singing, and hiking. I'm a college student aspiring to become a children's dentist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the eldest sister of three and want to set a good example for my sisters so they can know the importance of getting an education. I speak English and Spanish. I am fascinated by languages and hope to learn more in my life (Italian? Portuguese?). I'm majoring in physiology and minoring in Spanish in hopes of becoming a dentist. I love singing and listening to music. The first thing I do when I start my car is turn up the radio and sing along. I enjoy going to the theatre and performing in musical productions. Watching them live is so much better! I want to go to the Sydney Opera House someday. I like to cook and bake and try new recipes on my own or with friends. Mountains are beautiful and my favorite place to visit, even more than the beach. I like smiling, laughing, and having a good time with my friends and family. The memories I make with them are the most important.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. My father was brought up in the church and my mother is a convert. She joined the church when she was 18--not too much younger than I am now--thanks to a loving friend and two very dedicated missionaries. I trust my parents and their testimonies, and their love of Christ has helped me develop my own testimony and love of Christ. I decided to read the Book of Mormon through on my own when I was 13 years old. This prepared me for another move right before my freshman year when all the plans I made for high school had to change. My decision to develop my relationship with Christ and find if the church was true on my own prepared me for seminary, and I fell in love with it! Seminary is a class that latter-day saint youth in high school take in the mornings or on a free period. We study the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, and the words of the prophets. We learn about our church history, the life and ministry of Christ and his apostles, simple principles and doctrines such as freedom of choice, and how these relate to our lives today. I see how our lifestyle makes me and my friends happy and gives us a confidence that most youth our age do not have. I am a Mormon because I have studied the Book of Mormon for myself and know that it speaks of Christ and the words it contains are true and bring happiness.

How I live my faith

I know keeping the standards in For Strength of Youth is a challenge. I have incredible friends, both in and out of the church, who support me and help me live my life in a way that I can focus on Christ and marriage in the temple. We make the temple our goal while we are young because we know that being married in the temple will enable our families to stay together forever and we need our families to be happy. We try to watch movies that do not show sex before marriage as appropriate. We dance in ways that aren't suggestive and we have fun hanging out without drugs. When I was in the seminary council of my high school, we planned activities for the students where we all could be in an uplifting environment and have fun competition. We have a week every year where we dress up in Sunday clothes and carry around our scriptures and live by mission rules. That means no television or internet, texting, swimming, or dating for a week. That week is always a special experience for me and my friends because we can focus more on Christ and we get asked questions that open doors and help us share our beliefs. We strengthen and support each other by asking how we are doing on our personal study and inviting each other to activities where we can keep our standards.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Before we lived on earth, we lived in the presence of Heavenly Father as spirits. We wanted to become like Him, and He wanted us to be happy and become like Him too. In order to do this we needed bodies, and the only way we could have bodies was to live on earth and gain experience in this life and have our faith tested. We become godlike by following the rules He has set for us, but sometimes we mess up. Jesus Christ saves us from the consequences of making a mistake when we repent. Repentance is a change in attitude and a commitment to try to not make that mistake again and to become better. Because we are imperfect, we need the only perfect person to have lived on the earth Jesus Christ to be our judge and plead for our cause on judgment day. He suffered every temptation and mistake we ever will in this life, and we can receive guidance, comfort, and encouragement through him. He's like our older brother who's been through it all and we need a Savior we can trust so we can return safely to Heavenly Father's presence with our bodies. Because Christ was resurrected, we all will be resurrected physically. He showed us the model to live our lives by so we can receive a greater glory in the next life. We choose how closely we will pattern our lives after His and receive our reward according to our choices. Show more Show less