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Hi I'm Scheris

I love the outdoors. I love to learn.I didn't plan to become a stepmom, but I have loved my husband since 4th grade! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

We all have interesting childhoods don't we? Did anyone get a normal one, I know I didn't. What is normal anyway? Would normal have made me better or worse off now? In the end, don't majority of us love our parents no matter how 'good' of a job they did? I used to think my childhood was bad and that my parents did a bad job and that I would never be a parent. So how did I end up in a religion where families are everywhere and kids are created in abundance? That is a funny story indeed and I certainly promised myself my life was going to be good and I wouldn't get married or have kids and especially I would never become a stepparent.. but GUESS WHAT? No joke, the Lord put the love blinders on me and led me back to my hometown where I had a crush on T for the past 23 years. We fell in love, I tried to fight it, it wasn't the life I wanted, but I did want him. He had a daughter, she was eight at the time. Somehow, someway, what I never thought could be, came. I became a parent, a teacher, a mentor, a caregiver, and I have grown to crave it, to accept it, and I love it and don't all at the same time. It is causing me to grow exponentially. I want to stop it or at least control it or something, but I don't, I can't, and the truth is I feel the hand of the Lord more than ever. My soul is more benefitted after these past 4 years than in the 32 prior. I know there would have been no other way that I could have gotten this level of growth. I am grateful to be a parent.

Why I am a Mormon

I like to tell people, "it's hard to be a Mormon and I might even go so far as to say, I don't like being Mormon, but guess what...I love Mormons", so what am I to do? I can't live without the Mormon people. There is no other group of people that radiate the way they do. So, I am Mormon because I like to hang around Mormons. The gospel they teach makes sense, it makes sense that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ built a perfect plan and the Mormons want to share it with anyone who will listen. They inspire me, their actions provoke me to be a better person, they amaze me each and every day and they are so happy - how is that? Do you know how many times I shouldn't have been forgiven, and yet they do?! They should have turned me away by now. And what could I possibly give them in return for what they give me? My natural man tells me that I am not worthy to be here near them, to be enriched by them, to have these blessings, to be around such amazing people, yet my soul feels the love, the divine love that my Heavenly Parents have for me, that I am special, that I have purpose, that I can be amazing someday like my Mormon friends, and that someday I might actually inspire someone. I have tried every which way to not be Mormon, but I can't give it up. I can't walk away from it, even when it is hard or when details confuse me, frustrate me, conflict with me, or when I get offended, or when I get mad... I just can't leave. The pull, the spiritual pull is like gravity to me. I feel safe here. I trust these people, they have to be doing it right, it just fits too well to be wrong. I never want to live without the Mormon people. They have integrity. They walk the talk. The gospel is not occasional to them, it is real, 10000% real. They don't just partially believe in it, they would give their lives to show they know it is true. I want that, I want to feel that, I want to live that, I will live that.

How I live my faith

It is human nature to observe others, to see how they treat their family, how they dress, how they handle difficult situations, and if they follow through on their word. I do, I watch, I listen, I reflect. I want to be considered a person with integrity, so I must practice what I say I will do by following through on the actions. Therefore, I choose my actions carefully. My days pass by too fast to waste them. I need to feel peace in my soul each day. I do this by keeping my home a place of refuge. I want my family to love being in our safehaven and I want our guests to have a desire to return often. It is important that our home be a place where the Holy Spirit wants to dwell and linger and teach and testify. I have found that preparation in all things helps me feel secure. I never want to be a person in a situation thinking, 'yep... I was supposed to have created that emergency kit or shoot....I meant to do this and now that I need it, I am not prepared.' From food, to emergencies, to trip planning, to the gospel - I want to be prepared for that unexpected moment. I want to know myself so well and know my relationship with the Holy Spirit, that my decision making can be effective, quick, and certain. Making decisions now such as, "I will never do x or I will always do y," helps us when that situation comes. And parenting, there is no way I could parent without a daily, actually hourly relationship with my Heavenly Father being there to listen to me when I have run out of ideas or I feel I am failing and I need a course correction. What a gift to have Him be able to help us in our daily happenings. Parenting is a divine principle and it is meant to be unique in every setting. This humbles me and brings me to my knees and when it does.... the feeling is like candy, sweet sweet powerful candy fulfilling that dullness or craving that I may be having in that difficult moment. What a perfect plan he created for us to grow in family units!