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Hi I'm Larry

I'm a Mormon. I converted to the Church while stationed at Andrews AFB, MD. when I was a USAF Officer. The Church is my guide.

About Me

After retiring from the Air Force, I operated an accounting firm specializing in forensic accounting. I sold the firm and went into the teaching profession, using my military experience, by teaching leadership in a private military academy. That effort was a most rewarding experience. I really enjoyed being involved with the youth in the academy. A part of my experience is being a pilot. It is an awsome experience to be above the earth looking at the splendors that are before you as you marvel at the beauty below knowing that the hand of God was responsible for the creation of this earth and all of the universes that surround us. The most awesome experience of all is the birth of a child. Our seven children are each a miracle that I treasure above all others. When Heavenly Father brings the spirit of the child into the world in such a tiny form called a body it is truly a miracle. I recall holding those tiny little infants knowing that they just came from our Creator's presence and yearning for the knowledge that thay brought with them of our Heavenly Father. Maybe that is the reason that I really like to teach, just so that I can help others along the path of life and try to guide them along a righteous path in this troubling time. My spare time is taken up with doing things around the house and participating in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) organization. In many ways, CAP puts emphasis on the same values as the church and its service to the community.

Why I am a Mormon

When we came back from the Philippines as a young married couple with a new baby, we decided that religion was to be a major focus with us as a family. A few days after arriving in Maryland, and my assignment to the Presidential Airlift Wing, some young men knocked on our door. They wanted to tell us of some religion that I had not heard of before. I had the distince impression that we should listen to their words. So, I asked them to come back and made an appointment. As it turned out, I was away on my duty at that time but they did return and talk to my wife. That was the start of an 18 month investigation into the gospel before we were baptized. During much of that time I knew it to be a pure religion with out the corruption that takes place as it goes from language to language and interpretations of others. My real conversion was when we discussed the God Head. As a youth, I attended classes in our Lutheran church and one thing that could never be answered was the question of how God the Father, Christ and the Holy Ghost could all be one person. As I read the Bible, there were a number of times, primarily as John the Baptist was baptizing Christ that God spoke from above saying "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." In Truth, all of the God Head are distince persons, yet they think and do things as one person. What a light that brought to me. Ever since I have had a firm conviction, and yes even an absolute testimony that Christ lives and guides the church under the direction of Heavenly Father. Since that early time and accepting the responsibilities of the priesthood of God, I have been in a position to see, and experience the blessings of being able to exercise that priesthood authority of God. Fasting and prayer for the sake of one of our daughters led to a confirmation of her recovery when an actual voice from Heaven told me that she would be fine. Today she is a healthy Mom of three beautiful children.

How I live my faith

After my initial baptism, I sent about 4 months with the family before being assigned to Korea. It was there that my church service really took off on a fast track so to speak. It was there that I soon became involved in the leadership of our congregation, coordinating activities and the like. It was a great way to learn in a smaller setting where I could concentrate on the Gospel. It was here also that I learned that I could read the entire set of scriptures with 4 pages per day in less than a year. After returning to the US, leadership positions were filled in increasing responsibility until we moved to Fargo where I was asked to be the head of our congregation (Bishop). Over the years, I have been in that position four times and cherish them all. The real test of faith comes not in church service but in how you conduct yourself outside of the church. So many times, active people in various churches do the good thing on Sunday, but are different outside of church. Especially at the Academy where I taught, the cadets would notice that I did things a bit differetly and mentioned that I had a much "nicer" approach to things that others. It led to several gospel related discussions about values, goals and family. Regardless of where we are or what we do, if we follow the golden rule, serve others and keep our sights on the values Christ has given us, we will do fine and keep the habits necessary to set good examples in all that we do and say.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

The church does not limit assistance to members only. During natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, groups were formed and went to the disaster area at their own expense to help any and all that needed assistance. Additionally, during the aftermath of a widespread flooding situation in Indiana, the church organized volunteers to help those in need. Primarily, the recepients of the assistance were not church members. None the less, the volunteers went to the aid of the victims of the flood. My personal experience was involved in two ways. First as a member of a Civil Air Patrol aircrew, we served by getting an aerial assessment of the flooding damage. Second, as a member of the church, putting boots on the ground and helping to salvage the contents of a home and assisting with the clean up of the home. This occurred not once but multiple times. Each time, it did not matter who we were, but what did matter was that there was someone there to lend a helping hand in a time of need. The feeling of being able to lend that assistance floods the emotions as I realized the powerful effects it had on those we helped. Show more Show less