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Hi I'm Mike

I am a Vietnam Vet, retired computer engineer, devoted husband, great-great grand father, and I've been a Mormon for 30+ years.

About Me

I was raised in Denver by good, hard-working, honest parents who taught me to pray, to work, and helped me get a good education. I attended Catholic schools through the 9th grade. I believe I understand the Catholic religion very well. After graduating from public High School I attended Colorado State University. I got married during my junior year. I graduated with a Math degree, an ROTC commission, and a baby daughter. I served in the US Army for 5 years and was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. I left the Army, earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science form Texas A&M and got a job in United Airline's computer division. After 29 years of service, I retired in 2000. My fantastic wife also retired about that time. In 2003 and 2004 we served a Mission for the church in Ghana, West Africa. What a choice experience that was!! I am very active in a Vietnam Veterans' association for former helicopter pilots, in church and civic activities, publishing a few things about Vietnam, and letting my wife know how much I love her and how honored I am to be her husband. We travel a lot. I attended several Vietnam Reunions each year. I try hard to be a good citizen and to be honest in all my dealings with my fellow humans. I am sick to death of the Federal government's debt and liberal entitlement programs. I am embarrassed by the example set by most in congress today! I believe in leading by example and most of them are terrible leaders! I pray for the USA to return to better values.

Why I am a Mormon

I'd like to think that I was raised as a good Catholic boy and young man. I prayed to God, attended church faithfully, and tried hard to keep the commandments and traditions as taught by the Catholic Church. I married a Mormon young lady in college and gradually over the years learned more and more about the LDS church. I was especially impressed with the Visiting and Home Teachers my family had over the years. Truly they expressed christian love and concern in ways Catholics couldn't or didn't. I was also impressed with the Family Home Evening program of the LDS church. My wife asked if I would attend church with the family and teach the Family Home Evening lessons. We always said evening prayers and blessing on the food. So I'd attend early Catholic Mass, then come home to go to the LDS church with my wife and kids. I loved the genealogy Sunday School class, was especially impressed with my Priesthood Quorum (even as a non-member), and even had a calling in the church - Cub Scout Cub Master for several years prior to joining the church. I'd guess my conversion from the Catholic to the LDS Church took at least two years. While there was some stress on our marriage, I had lots of Mormon friends and started taking the Missionary lessons for the Stake Missionaries. I started to read the Book of Mormon from page 1. I guess I took the 7 lessons at least three times! I read, prayed and fasted and still attended both churches - no joy! Finally one day I was talking to the Ward Mission leader and said, "I'm just not getting anywhere with a confirmation that the LDS church is the true church." He said, "No problem! When we come over for our next teaching appointment - you'll receive that confirmation." When they came over, we knelt in a circle in our front room and each took his or her turn offering a prayer out loud that I would know the truth. Suddenly on the second pass, I felt a strong warm feeling and hear a voice in my head. All my doubts evaporated! I got baptized.

How I live my faith

I'd like to think my wife and I are 100%ers. We go to church every Sunday - even when we travel on vacations. I love reading the scriptures every day. Indeed, I'm shocked at how positive simply "reading the instructions" is in my life. I pray to my Heavenly Father several times a day. Most of the time I find myself saying Thanks for God's tender mercies, Thanks for a fantastic wife, Thanks for the restoration of the gospel, Thanks for having the scriptures to read in my own language, Thanks for a temple in our city, Thanks for modern day prophets and apostles, Thanks for modern communications so I can hear the word of the Lord so easily, Thanks for church publications and facilities, Thanks for my health (I had Prostate Cancer three years ago when my wife also had cancer - but we are Clean and Green today), etc. I believe I take my church calling seriously. I believe I provide true christian service (visiting & fellowshipping, helping people move, helping the elderly receive the Sacrament, helping people get to the cannery and the temple). I try hard to keep all the commandments, to pay a full tithe and to contribute to the poor via the church programs. I try hard to be a good neighbor, a good citizen, to be honest in my dealings with my fellow humans, to pay my obligations in a timely manner, and to be "green" environmentally. Indeed I'm trying to "come unto Christ" all the time! I try hard to let my wife know that I seriously love and respect her and am grateful that she is my eternal companion. I try to live my life so that when I stand in front of Jesus, He will have a smile on His face and give me a hug. I want to be worthy to stand next to my wife when we stand in front of the Savior. I work and live my life so that when Jesus asks her, "Was Mike good to you? Are you happy with Mike?" that she'll say YES without a second's hesitation. I hope when Jesus asks my children the same question - they will say YES as well.