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Hi I'm David Koerner

Businessman, musician, frequent flyer, and father of three. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have spent at least 2-years in 9 different cities. Growing up, my father was a dentist in the military which took us different places. After he established a private practice in Utah, I attended college locally, then eventually went to graduate school on the east coast. My career has taken our family to 6 states in 18 years. Some might complain about moving as much as we have, but my family feels grateful to have learned so much from living in different places. It has helped us appreciate other cultures and other points of view. We have made friendships across the country that we cherish.

Why I am a Mormon

Most people tend to inherit the religious views of their parents. This is usually true of a person raised in China, India, Iran, Israel, Panama, Alabama, or Utah. As a teen, this didn't seem to be a good enough reason to commit to a religion. I felt I needed to come to my own independent conclusion about religion. Though I was raised Mormon, I attended some other churches and had honest, respectful conversations with people of other faiths. I studied the Bible and read the complete Book of Mormon two times. As I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time, I knew without a doubt that it was what it claimed to be: an authentic record of history (both spiritual and secular), brought to light in our day through revelation and prophecy. As I prayed, I received an overwhelming spiritual feeling that the book was true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints makes a bold claim; that it is the actual Church that Christ established during his ministry, restored in it's fullness after centuries of apostasy. In 1820 God called a young man named Joseph Smith to begin this work. Joseph was the first prophet in the latter days, and the founder of the Church. Since there are thousands of Christian sects who worship exclusively with the Bible yet disagree on many points of doctrine, I can see the wisdom in God's timing for bringing forth the Book of Mormon (translated from ancient, inscribed gold plates). These records could have been uncovered hundreds of years before or after Joseph Smith restored the Saviors church. But without the Book of Mormon, our church is just another sect claiming to have a superior understanding of the Bible. One of thousands, founded by a boy who claimed to see God and Christ. But since God worked through Joseph to unearth and translate the record, we can know that Joseph really was a prophet if we know the book is true. It's the greatest circumstantial evidence that God could possibly give us.

How I live my faith

Some people probably look at Mormons and think it would be a hard lifestyle to live. The truth is that once you're living it, you wouldn't want to live any other way. There is an inner peace and satisfaction that can only be achieved when you're serving God, serving your family, and living honestly and cleanly. The structure of the church is amazing because lessons and doctrine are exactly the same whether you're in Moscow Russia or Moscow Idaho. The church provides the gospel teaching, opportunities to serve, social and spiritual support, and the accountability necessary for us to progress in our lives and come closer to Christ. Church members are wonderful wherever you go. When we move to a new city, we have an instant family, and our kids have instant friends who share our values and high-standards. Living the gospel helps us to be less selfish. After faith in Christ as our Savior, there is a strong emphasis on absolute commitment and devotion to spouse and family. Members have opportunities continually to serve in local church positions. I have accepted dozens of church callings over the past 20 years. Some have required leadership and public speaking. Others have helped me develop administrative and organizational skills that served me in the workplace. I have also had opportunities to counsel and mentor young people. Sometimes I have a chance to bless the lives of someone else, but most often, they end up blessing mine.