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Hi I'm Tyrel

I have a passoin for business. I love to learn and explore. I'm attending college. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to read. I find the vision that comes from reading others ideas and perception of the world so interesting and edifing. I love the think about and ponder why I am hear on earth and what my mark is on this world. I have a passion for business, spacificly in sales and administration. I love to work with people. To teach and be taught how to interact with others. People are my favorite and I love stepping out and meeting new people. I discoverd this passion for interaction with people on my recent job oportunity. I work for a digital company that travels all over the United States of America to do videography and Photography. I meet many people and enjoy sharing what we do with others. Begining college soon and I am so excited. I love the power that comes with education.

Why I am a Mormon

I question everything. Why this? Why that? As a young boy raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I began to question what I was being tought. I wondered if there was any way this could be a fraud. This had never accured to me until an aquantence at school said that he thinks religen was all fake, and that it was a way to get power. This bothered me, I wondered, doubted a little, and questioned the reality of Jesus Christ. I would speak to my mother and ask all sorts of questions of how she knew for sure if Christ was real. Eventually, I think in frustration, she said that I would never know unless I asked God to know for myself. This nailed my questions down and I found that I needed to take my questions to God. I would ask for guidence on what to believe and most importantly to know if He was there. Over time and with lots of prayer, I know that Jesus is the Christ. That He lives and is the Son of God. I know that the scriptures are a tool that God uses to help answer our prayers. Knowing that God was there I began to ask questions about the Church like is the Book of Mormon true. This was easy because the Book of Mormon strengthened my testimony of Christ because it testifies of him throughout the entire book. I then prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and again recieved answers to my prayers. I am a Mormon because I know that this is were I need to be. It points to Christ in every way. I have tender experinces were I feel him leading me on this path. It started with a question. And I will continue to ask questions because God will answer. For me, it is my way to come to Him and learn his will for me in my life.

How I live my faith

I love teaching. More spacificly, I love group disscusions. I have had the opportunity to be a teacher to young children in the church. I loved spending time trying to find ways to make Bible and Book of Mormon stories interesting and to help them pull true principles from the scriptures. Principles like, honesty, kindness, love, sharing, hard work, and virtue. And my knowledge grows as well as I study for these lessons. Recently I volentered for two years full time as a teacher away from my home. As a missionary I encureged all to study the scriptures more and to read the Book of Mormon and judge for themselves if it was writen by God through his Prophets, just like the Bible was. I love and charish this time of my life. I enjoyed the two hours a day at least, studing the scriptures and pondering how what I was reading applied to me at this phase of my life. Currently, with how I am rarely in one place for more than a week, it is hard for me to participate in a spacifice responsability for the Church. So as I travel, I volenter for as much service I can and help others who are in need. This can be in forms of helping people move, or cleaning the church houses, or helping out with projects the congrigation plans. I love how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is a lay ministry. No one is payed and I feel that it is a powerful way to show our love to God. It gives me confidence because I know that there can be no greed. All work in the Church is service and what better way is there to show love for our community or God than to give of our time freely without expecting anything in return.