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Hi I'm Lili

I've spent my entire life in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I'm a friend, daughter, sister,wife and mother.I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a picture journaler, digital scrapper, lover of good literature. I'm a friend, I'm a mom, I'm a wife. I'm learning I am so much more than even that.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a mormon because I choose to be every day. It's a choice I make daily when i decide to follow the counsel of modern day prophets and adhere to principles that the world looks at as strange, foreign or abnormal. I am a a mormon because I find happiness as I continue to live those principles. I find strength in knowing that as I continue to follow counsel I come to know who I am on a deeper level, I am able to control myself instead of other things or people controlling me, and I am able to love more unconditionally, like the Savior does, as I continue to learn about the time he lived, his life, his teachings and his love for his Father. I'm a mormon because as I put my faith to the test by living daily the counsel of the prophets, I am able to know, not just believe, that my Savior loves me as an individual, that he has called prophets in the latter days to keep the covenant that He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and bring the fulness of His gospel in these latter days. I am a mormon because as I read the scriptures, The Old and New Testament, Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenant I know that my Heavenly Father has loved us since before we were placed on this earth and He has provided a way for us to return home by sending HIs son, our brother, to come to earth and to atone for our sins so that we can follow his example and become perfected through Him, and that he still loves us today. Knowing these things gives me a power of understanding and knowledge that I cannot find anywhere else. I am a mormon because being a mormon, a disciple of Christ, makes me free.

How I live my faith

Since having kids I have had the opportunity to get out in the community on a different level than ever before. I meet the parents of my kids' friends, I work in the classroom, I served on the PTA and I help at activities provided by the school. I also make sure to say Hello to people at the stores I shop at and I go out of my way to find people wherever I am and let them know they are noticed by complimenting them on outfits, hairstyle and or smile. I love people and realize that every person I come in contact with I have an opportunity to make a difference and that they too can make a difference in my life. I teach early morning seminary to the 17-18 year old youth in our Stake. I love them tremendously and am in my 3rd year of teaching. Each of the kids I teach become a part of my heart that fills it with great joy. They become one of my "children" and when they move forward to where life takes them they remain a part of my heart. I love the scriptures and learning how they apply to my life and the world around me. They teach how to respond in a Christ like manner to the world around me. I take these principles and apply them to me, my family and the people I come in contact with on a daily basis.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

There are two things that continue to help me know my Father in Heaven. One, prayer and two, read the scriptures. Both of these things are actions that as you continue to do them will increase your faith and open your heart to more answers. You will find that your ideas change and you will want to do better and as you do these things you will find you will live the commandments more diligently and along with that your testimony and understanding of who our Father in Heaven is will be strengthened. Learn about the Savior and you will know who your Father in Heaven is because while they are separate beings they are one in purpose. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is a gift we, as members of the church, receive when we are baptized. He is a gift and we have to choose to accept that gift every day. He cannot dwell in unholy places and when we choose to break commandments and live our lives contrary to the will of God we cannot have Him with us. The Holy Ghost is an integral part of my life in helping me to distinguish between right and wrong, in helping me to discern truth from falsehood. He protects me from the harm of the adversary, he brings peace in time of temptation, sorrow and trials. As I slow down in my life I recognize his promptings and direction more and more. I come to know that when I seek to do the Lord's will I am blessed and my life is more free than if I do my own will. Show more Show less