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Hi I'm Frank

I am a convert to the church for some 33 years. My coversion was the result of a sincere prayer to my Father in Heaven.

About Me

Growing up was a life filled with trasition. My Father was in the Military, which constitued moving approximately every two years. Living in this environment was hard on my sister and me, since we could not identify with any prticular place as well as establish any lasting frienships or roots. Never connected with my Dad since he was gone all the time with his assignments as well as school. It was not until high school that things seemed to slow down. Being in place for over six years, helped me develop friendships as well as apply myself in sports and other school activities. I was not the type that was easily swayed to peer pressure, but was looking for something that would give me a sense of purpose. It was not until much later in life in my middle 20's, the the realization of living in a fast paced lifestyle filled with all sorts of trappings and short term relationships that caused me to reach out spiritually. The pain and anguish experienced during this transition was sobering, even to the point of despair. As I reflect on this progression, my petition to a God that at that time was somewhat foriegn, since I did not know him. But it was through faith that helped me make the connection. Through my petition, I asked for assistance to find a suitable mate. The bonus was finding the gospel through an elect lady, and having three children born into the covenant and their desire to follow thr truth. The blessings realized through this transition was life altering

Why I am a Mormon

By choice I have elected to follow the Savoir and accept each of the precepts that the gospel has to offer. The blessings have been exponential, even through adverstity. I could not fathom living a life without the Gospel. Knowing a life without it and now in contrast seeing what my children have become, and their willingness to respect their baptismal covenants is the greatest blessing that I have witnessed during this mortal sojourn. I am pround of those members of the church that have preceeded me, that I may reap the benefits of their labors. To be guided by a living prophet and experience the joy of latter-day revelation is truely a blessing. The Gospel is a road map to the plan of salvation. It is timeless in its application and is respectors of all cultures and languages. My experience with the church through the military for some 26 years as a US Army Reservist, gave me the oppurtunity to travel to many countries and witness the same church organization in action through its lay ministry. The church is the same no matter where you are in the world. It is through personal devotion, faith and commitment that the church has given me a basis to conduct my life in accordance with each of it's precepts. Without it I would be lost.

How I live my faith

Since my baptism some 33 years ago, I have worked with the full-time missionaries as a ward mission leader to further ward members involvement to assist in this great work. I have also worked with the Elders of the church as well as the young mens organiztion either through leadership postions as well as through the scouting program. All these experiences have taught me to be humble and draw upon the spirit for assistance and strength. The gre