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Hi I'm Robert

I grew up in Utah. I write software for a living. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married and have two children. I walk to work most days. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science and I work for a large commercial software comapny.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was born into the Mormon faith, I never attended much growing up, although not for my mom's lack of trying. As a teenager I found that there was something missing in my life -- an empty part that I didn't understand. I got curious about religion at around 16 and started reading the Old Testament. After reading through several of them I got bored and turned briefly to the New Testament. While I liked the stories about Jesus, I didn't really connect. Then I decided to read The Book of Mormon. I knew about the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 that says a person can know whether or not the Book of Mormon is true for themselves through personal revelation from God. I thought I would put it to the test. The Book of Mormon is a long book for a teen and it took me a couple of months to complete it, reading a couple of pages each day. At the end, I knelt down in my bedroom and prayed to ask whether it was true. I had no overwhelming experience of joy or assurance. I was very confused by this because I thought there would be some great sensation that I would have. I did notice that there was more peace in my heart during the time I read the Book of Mormon and the void I had sensed before seemed to be gone. I also noticed a certain light in my life that clearly came from my reading of the scriptures and praying regularly. I kept on praying and reading the scriptures and have learned since that revelation from God usually comes by a still small voice. The peace and light I felt was in fact a revelation from God to me that the Book of Mormon is true. So now you know how I got started -- that was 20 years ago. Now I've gone to school and am working to support my family. I guess I'm a little more "grown up", having had good times and bad. I still try to read the Book of Mormon every day. I have many times over by now. I still feel the peace and light that it brings to my life. It is God revealing to me every day, by his still small voice that it is true.

How I live my faith

I participate in my ward by going to church on Sunday. I sing along when we sing hymns and I contribute to lessons that are presented by sharing my views and experiences. I have been asked by our ward to serve as the Cub master for our ward's Cub Scouts organization. Mostly I get to hand out awards and shake hands. It is a lot of fun to see the Cubs (these are kids ages 8-10) work their way through the Cub Scouts programs and to recognize them for their achievements. I've had other positions in the church in the past and expect that I will have still more in the future. My favorite is being a home teacher. This is my favorite partly because I get to meet folks that I otherwise would not meet and I make friends that I otherwise would not have and partly because I have always been profoundly grateful for the uplifting and friendly visits of my own home teachers. One more thing I would mention about living my faith is something we call "family home evening". This is one evening every week, usually Monday, where we sit together as a family and discuss some gospel principle, sing hymns and pray. Having children, these discussions can sometimes be brief. Sometimes we sing the same hymn for several weeks. Sometimes the kids teach the lesson. Sometimes we just play games or try to resolve some family logistical issues like school events. Always we have some treats. Usually it is a good experience. It is something we do that helps us be closer as a family and helps us to learn to live the gospel of Christ.