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Hi I'm Leah

I love simplicity. I love design. I love my low key life.

About Me

When someone asks me, "Are you Mormon?" I reply, "No, I'm Leah." I grew up in a single parent home, raised by my father who was a full time officer in the military. Being in a "broken" family made me want to learn everything I could about what I considered "whole" families. Even as a little girl I interviewed my friend's parents about proper child rearing. I kept a notebook of things I dreamed of doing, traditions I wanted to start and plans for my future home and family. I love being a member of the church because I learned from so many good families. Now that I am married I can see how good friends helped shaped who I have become - many of those friends I made through the church. What else about me? I absolutely love to make people laugh. I always have and probably always will.

Why I am a Mormon

I went to several different churches as a kid. Even though my background was Mormon I still visited other churches and went to activities sponsored by other faiths. I really enjoyed them. I didn't understand the doctrines of the faiths I visited but I had fun going to summer camps and activities with kids my age. I used to wonder why did there have to be just one church that was right? Couldn't we all be right? Why was God so rigid to say only one church was right? Wasn't it enough to just love Jesus and try to be good? One church in particular seemed so much more fun than mine was, it was Judy's church. Why not just go to that church? My answer came when I was ten years old. My dad took us to visit my grandparents in another state. On our way, we stopped in the city where the temple they were married in stood. I remember standing on the temple grounds looking at the temple. I was by myself and it was a quiet warm afternoon. I It was so beautiful and bright. I began to think about all the things I knew about the temple. I knew that people got married there and that if you were married there then you could still be married after you die and you could be a forever family. I then felt a warm goosebumpy kind of feeling I now know was the Holy Ghost. I had a powerful thought come to my mind, "Judy's church doesn't have temples. This is the only church with temples; temples where people go to be married forever. This is the only church where families can be together forever." There was no clapping. No loud music. No one else near me. I knew the warm happy feeling I felt was from God. From that point on I knew that this was God's church, even if it wasn't as glamourous or fun for my ten year old self. I knew I never felt the peace that I felt that day anywhere else. From that day forward I kept trying to feel that same peace.

How I live my faith

One of the biggest impacts being a Mormon has had on my daily life is how it influences the decisions I make. Everything from what I drink, to how I spend my money to what I decide to major in or how to spend my weekend. Since I am responsible for my decisions and what I make of my life, I am very careful to try to make the best decisions that I can. If I have a particularly difficult decision I will study it out, pray about it and look for God's answer to me. Every time I have humbly turned to God for direction or answers, He has given it to me. Always. I believe living my faith is in doing simple things consistently- spending time with your family, reading the scriptures every day, talking to God often, forgiving others, donating time, money, help to those in need, being a good friend. Living my faith is simple because there is a usually a very clear line between right and wrong. Since this is the church Christ organized, the scriptures are filled with answers on how to live a happy, peaceful life. If I ever have a hard time interpreting how the scriptures apply to my life, I just ask God.