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Hi I'm Teresa

I have raised 6 incredible children with touretts, autism and ADHD, I love to hike, read and travel and I'm a mormon.

About Me

Hi, I am a mother of six and recently a grandmother of one. I love reading, hiking, music, traveling and theatre. My main efforts for the last 25 years has been raising six very special children with neuralogical disorders. Four of my children have tourettes and adhd and two are high functioning autistic. I also have two beautiful children who we have adopted from an agency that helps rescue abused children. They too have had their struggles with trust, attatchment and post tramatic stress. My husband and I have loved learning from these amazing kids. They have gifts and qualities that lift and inspire our lives. Life has been a wonderful and sometimes frustrating adventure as we have learned to love, help and nurture our children.

Why I am a Mormon

Throughout my life I have needed help, but never so much as when I became a parent. Where is the handbook? How do I do this? I attended so many classes and read so many books I can't even count them. But it is through the church of Jesus Christ that I found the answers to so many of the struggles or difficulties that we face. Why do some People have perfectly normal children but mine have to suffer with these challenges? Are my children being punished because I am not all I should be? Why does God allow people to abuse and hurt little ones? Why are we here? and what lies ahead? All of these questions and more are answered through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with a certainty that this life is a probationary life, my children may struggle now, but I know that some day they will be ressurected and have perfect bodies. All our suffering and all our challenges give us experience and helps us to become more like our savior. We are not alone in raising and helping our children. We can have our Heavenly Father's spirit to guide, direct and give us answers to our prayers. I have watched with amazement as doctors have had impressions to try a new therapy or medication. I have prayed earnestly to know what to do with a child and then recieved a call from a friend who knew of a certain program I might be interested in. I have been worried financially how we would pay for a therapy or program, and watched as a certain therapist donated his time, or someone offered financial support. God hears our prayers, our Savior knows and understands our fears, frustrations and joys. Our children were His, long before we had stewardship over them. He is there to help us as we encourage and direct them on this earth. This is the church of Jesus Christ. It gives me the tools and gifts that help me recieve revelaion and guidance as I pray in my life. I love my Savior, I am so grateful for his spirit and for his divine intervention in the lives of my family.

How I live my faith

Everything I have, is because of my Savior and I try valiantly to serve him, by helping others. I enjoy teaching young primary age children, or working with the youth in their activities and function. I help with the sports teams at the high school my daughter plays on. I enjoy the women in our neighborhood and help with neighborhood watches and community preparedness in case of emergencies. But right now, I love supporting and encouraging three of my six children as they serve as missionaries helping others find peace through the gospel. Two of those children our my twin boys that have Asbergers. My daughter is serving and helping others in a foreign country also. Too me it is a joy to see them spreading their wings, in spite of their challenges, in service to others. Their courage and spirituality streghthen me. I also enjoy helping the elderly and have been able blessed to visit and learn from many who have done so much in their lives. For me the gratest work I will ever do is with my family as a wife and a mother. It is challenging, but it is also a gift for which I feel so blessed to have.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

As a wife and mother I find that the greatest contribution I can give to society, is raising helpful, hard-working kids. Who know the golden rule and can look around and help those in need. In the world today, it isn't an easy task to stay home and raise my kids. Sometimes we have to go without things and sacrifice. The kids don't always like it, but know one can love and teach my children the way I can, simply because I am their mother. When I am tempted to just throw my hands up and say, going to work would be easier, I remember that this time with my little ones is going fast and soon enough I can have time for me to do what I want. Looking back, I now have 5 adult children. They still need me, but I have a lot more freedom and no regrets. Show more Show less