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Hi I'm Daniel

I am a Missionary currently Serving in the Adriatic South Mission, I love my Family and Action sports and im a Mormon

About Me

I am 19 years old and I am a True Blue Aussie from Brisbane, Australia. I come from a family of 5 sisters and no Brothers which I personally think is a great number of sisters, They are all legends and I love them all more then I love cake I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Albania, Tirana Mission. I will be serving there until October 2013. I have a very Adventurous and Action packed lifestyle. I very rarely like to be still, I always have to move. I love to Ride my Bicycle and Motorbikes. I am very keen on Heights and anything to do with them such as Mountain Climbing and Parachuting. I have a goal to try every extreme sport before I get old. I Play Drums and Ukulele which I think are the two greatest instruments to play. I am grateful to be serving the people of Albania and have the ability to sacrafice 2 years of my life to dedicate myself to building up his Kingdom on Earth.

Why I am a Mormon

Why Am I a Mormon. Well There are to many reasons why! But i will go through the top reasons. being a Mormon is not only a title. It is also a special oppotunity and a Gift given to us from God. I am a member of this Church because it is Jesus Christ's and God's true and everlasting Organisation. Growing up I had a wonderful oppuntity to see a Miraculas change through a Family member as they Converted to this true and wonderful church, it was also a Change that affected My life Forever which is why I am here today. I have witnessed Gods Blessings been poured through my Obedience and dilligence to serve God. I know this church is True because we believe in the bible, the Amazing thing about this church is Christ Gave us The Book of Mormon which is another testament of Christs Earthly Ministery. I believe this Book to be the book of Life. It answers all of Lifes great questions, but the only way to find them is to read and Ask God with true faith, been able to have this knowledge is Absolutely Awesome I know that as I strive to serve God he will Bless me more then I am able to recieve. I have seen this many times in my life already. I have had the oppotunity to learn the Albanian Language. I have witnessed God Helping me learn this langauge so i can speak the words of Christ to the People of Albania in there Own language. the best thing about this there is thousands of other Missionaries witnessing this miricle aswell.

How I live my faith

There has been many ways in my life which has showed how i live my faith. At the moment I am Serving a full time mission for the Kisha E Jezu Krishtit E Shenjtorëve Të Ditëve Të Mëvonshme (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Being able to scarifice my normal life and career for two years of my life is just Awesome. I have the oppunity to wear the name of Christ on my heart as I go and teach the people in Albania about the true messages of Christ. I don't think there is any better way to show faith in Christ then sharing with people the message God would have us teach. Through out my teenage years I have always kept a close relationship with God through prayer, because of this relationship I have been guided in all things I must do. As iv followed the promptings of God I have been blessed with amazing amounts of Blessing which has made my life so much easier and Happier. As I rely on Christ for help i know that he helps me and as i read his Holy Words in the Book Of Mormon i can be uplifted and strengthened.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

God sacrificed so much for each and everyone of us, so we should look for ways to sacrifice our talents and abilities in building the kingdom of god and one sacrifice can serve a mission. It is not entirely compulsory for "ALL" Mormons to serve a mission. Latter day Church leaders have said that every Able young man should sacrifice 2 years to serve the lord and do his work on the earth. Missionaries usually begin serving between 19 to 21 years old, where they are called to labour in a specific country which has been prompted by God. As young men serve they put aside there chosen career and all entertainment for a period of 2 years and dedicate as official representatives of the church, leaving them constantly in tune with the spirit These 2 years of a young man's life should never be a regrettable sacrifice, but a accomplishment and a blessing for themselves and the people who they bring the word of God to. The scriptures also tell of certain blessings and guidance which come from serving a honourable mission for the church. Show more Show less