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I'm a song writer , A Farther, Oh i'm a RECOVERING ADDICT and I'm a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

About Me

I'm a recovering addict that right a recovering addict. what Mormons don't use drugs i hear you say. well Billy i tell you that's just not true Latter-day Saints have just as many challenges and shortcomings as the rest of you all. we are human too. i was born with this disease and in times of weakness it can have me heading south for the winter so living the gospel helps me stay clean just for today We have our own Recovery program just LIKE NARCOTICS anonymous (yes i go there too just to be doubly shore) . dose this stop me from living the fullness of the gospel? no it doesn't whilst we believe that Drug taking and Drinking alcohol are bad for us physically and spiritually we also believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ which heals us through repentance because i understand the gospel how i do i don't have to carry my mistakes and shortcomings with me i can offer them up to Jesus Christ to carry for me as he has offered to do and i can live free of my disease today and every day through prayer scripture reading service and attending a few meetings of addictions recovery or NA every once in a while at the moment i'm a Ward Building representative (i have Keys to a chapel ) through the gospel i have got my self respect back as well as the respect of my fellow man and my lord and Savior Jesus Christ who loves me no matter what oh i'm also a songwriter working on an anti bullying campaign i can cook i'm a dj and i was pretty hot freestyle dancer back in the 80's and 90's .

Why I am a Mormon

at age 4 i attended church with my Uncle and Aunt and Cousins at age 7 in a scripture class at school i felt heavily the comfort of knowing that Jesus Christ would accept me no matter my sort comings, i felt that day i fitted with Christ, i went home to ask could i go to Sunday school my parents let me go to the local Uniting church Sunday school. not long after that we moved to a small town called Currabubula in Northern NSW its Near Tamworth my cousins had moved there when i was 5 so i hadn't been to Church with them in a Long time a couple of years before my cousin Graham only a few years older than myself was Draged by a horse through rocky fields, star pickets, corner posts and was wrapped in barbed wire a dog had nipped the horse and graham had wrapped the bridle around his arm even though he had been told not to whilst his mother went to answer the phone. so it was that graham was in intensive care many clergy came and gave him blessings and prayed for him so the story goes his farther sat and knelled and sat some more by his bed side fasting and praying for many days i believe it to be 7 no sign of coming from his comma just supported by the machines. so it is i believe without a shadow of a doubt the faith then by my uncle the blessings he gave his son and those he received from other members of the Church is the reason Graham is alive today a father and a loving husband active in the gospel this is why i know without a shadow of a doubt this is the true church on the face of the earth today i know that through faith and love we can all overcome our trials and hardships that just like Graham who was once encased in plaster with calipers supporting his head can and will walk upright in the light of the lord. I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES it is through this and the conformation of the HOLY GHOST that i know this is True.

How I live my faith

I'm the Ward Building Representative its my Duty in service to Organize Cleaning Rosters order Cleaning materials and Organize Working Bees. i do this in Cohesion with my Bishopric one of the Bishops counselors is who i answer too. other than this i help set up the chapel and organize seating with the Usher i Have been in the past a Sunday School President this is also an organisational role where i had wonderful opportunities to serve in assisting members to teach the gospel to other members in other churches Sunday school is for Kids we call that Primary in the church of Jesus Christ of later-day saints the Classes where we learn about the scriptures and the gospel is called Sunday School it is truly a blessing to have served in the Lords Sunday school . outside of church i often volunteer in community service projects and am studying a welfare diploma there are many opportunities to serve in and out of the church and i am grateful for every last one of them that allows ,me to enrich myself and others through the example of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. also Living my faith with my daughter RubyJayde who is 10 is the center of my faith universe.... there is simply not enough room to write of how much she means to me.