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Hi I'm Matt

I'm a video engineer, i play guitar in a band, I'm a husband & father, I'm a handyman, I'm a cricket tragic, & i I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised most of my childhood in the country, i loved the open spaces, different experiences, and laid back honest people. I am one of three boys - the oldest, my dad was a maverick, a mechanic and race car driver, my mum a homemaker, a wonderful and tenacious woman. My father was killed in a motorcycle accident at age 5 which was devastating to our family - but our mother was a pillar of strength - she taught us that anything was possible, to dream big, and to believe in ourselves. Unfortunately my mother was killed at age 16 in a car accident, and i was seriously injured with permanent physical effects. This really shattered my world but again a wonderful man - my grandfather stepped in as my rock and taught me that no matter how much life throws at us - that through steadfast faith in Christ we can overcome any obstacles - no matter how unfair the situation dealt to us may be. My grandfather was killed at age 18 with asbestos lung - which again crushed my world - but through faith in our lord Jesus Christ, a loving grandmother and family, fantastic friends, the teachings of my faith, and meeting the love of my life, i fought through depression, i overcame the odds, i was married for eternity and blessed with 3 wonderful children, i have a good career, i have traveled widely, i have achieved much, and i truly believe the Lord guides and blesses me every day - i miss my loved ones but i know i will see them again without a doubt - families are eternal

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon, but that's not why i am one. I left the church in my teenage years and tried most of what the world views as "normal" stuff that teenagers do. I questioned every teaching, i read the negative and positive angles on my faith. I investigated other faiths to see what they thought and compared that to mormon beliefs. I am a very headstrong and process driven person i dont live by others experiences - i need to know for myself. I investigated the theory of evolution and pulled apart the history of Joseph Smith, of Brigham Young, of the book of Mormon vs the bible, i turned over every stone and shone the flashlight on every dark corner. I am a well educated professional and dont easily believe what i dont have proof for. I can say from going through this thorough investigation, that without a shadow of a doubt that this church is true, and anyone who earnestly takes up the challenge in the epistle of James chapter 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" - and asks specifically if the book of momon is the word of god - you will also come to this conclusion. Having now worked as a clerk in my local church for a few years and seeing how inspired the administrative side of the church is - everything in order and everything thought of, with a perfect process behind it, this strengthens my testimony even further - from the top to bottom our church is organized in such an efficient and orderly way that large corporations could only dream of one day aspiring to achieve. Beyond the process - i have worked with many amazing people in the church - honest, hardworking, loving, and wonderful people who put others before themselves, who teach by example, who are of good cheer, who serve those in need & lift up rather than tear down, and who are good examples - these are the surely the traits of gods people. But finally i am a dad, and in the words of a great song - "I don't need no one to tell me about heaven, I look at my son, and I believe"

How I live my faith

I work as a clerk in my local area, i help manage the membership records, the finances, and record all the important events that happen in our area. I have served in this capacity both in a church setting and in an area setting - and as i said above its amazing how well organized everything is from top to bottom. In the community my wife and i work with our local rugby club where our kids play and you will find me flipping snag and creating bacon and egg rolls of a Saturday morning - we love to be involved and support the things our kids are involved in. I have taught children and youth at church and always find it amazing how much kids take in and how much they learn and know - and also how much impact you make in their lives. I am a home teacher which means we go out and visit other members of our church to share a message with them, to make sure they are OK and to offer any assistance required, we truly view each other as brothers and sisters, we actively care about each other, and importantly we go and we help. In a work setting i work with many of Australia and the worlds top companies, consulting with CEO's and CIO's on the benefits of visual communications for a global IT company. Its a high pressure, fast paced, sales driven environment, however I always try to be a good example of honestly and integrity, of doing unto others as i would have them do unto me, and of being a good person. At home my wife is wonderful, we work together to try to create an environment where our children feel safe and loved, where friends feel welcome and at home, where our extended family like to be, and a safe haven for all who enter. We try to be good neighbors, good friends, good family, good people, and good examples. Life is too short to waste time, this is not a dress rehearsal - this is the main game so every minute counts. That said- life is a journey not a destination- take time to smell the roses and enjoy the beauty god has put before us! Family is what counts!