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Hi I'm Bruce

I'm a 54 year old father of 5, and we have 5 grandkids. I am a dentist, a private pilot, and I like to go fast. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in the beautiful state of Colorado for now. My wife, Ronda, and I have been married almost 33 years. Ronda is from Utah, and my home state is Arizona. We have an amazing family. Our five children, the oldest is our only girl and four boys, have been the source of our entertainment and pride for almost our entire married life. Our daughter was a 3-letter winner in high school sports, as well as being the valedictorian of her class. I like to say that she is my best work, even though my boys and I have shared a great life together as well. The boys all played most high school sports, but basketball was by far the favorite of them all. They all won varsity letters, and our youngest was a state finalist in the 400 meter dash. I am a proud dad!! I chose dentistry as my profession when I was a teenager, because my dad was a dentist and loved what he did. It turns out that it was a great choice, and 2 of my brothers are dentists as well. My daughter is a dental hygienist. You could say that teeth are a big deal to all of us!! Because of the desire to stay on top of my game, so to speak, I got in the habit of taking one of my children with me when I attended a continuing education conference. We have seen Florida, New York, California, and Oregon, and lots of places in-between. Our grandkids, 4 boys and one beautiful girl up until now with one on the way next February, are a joy to us. We see them as often as we can. We love them! Life is busy, but that's how we like it!!

Why I am a Mormon

My choice to be a member of our church was almost automatic because my parents were already members when I was born. If you are reading this and not a member of the church, you are not in the same boat. You also may be looking for something in your life to make some changes, explain the unexplainable, or take your family and your life in a different direction that you want to be better. For that reason, I would highly recommend this path. While it is true that I was almost automatically a member of the church, I want to tell you that it was not so automatic as I began to analyze my life and what I wanted for my own future. I spent much time and studying to be able to tell you that you should spend time here and ask God if this is the right thing for you. I was a teenager when I wanted to know for myself whether or not it was the right thing. I had read the scriptures, and I had gone to Sunday School, and even participated in the youth program. I had several good friends outside the church, as well as in church, and I began to realize that the gospel of Jesus Christ had answers for me. I, like many of my friends, were starting to experience difficult things happening to me. My grandpa on my dad's side passed away after a difficult run with Parkinson's disease, and my grandad on my mom's side had a heart attack and passed away in the same year. This kind of thing shakes a person up, and you watch adults cry and everyone is sad. But I noticed that everyone was sad, but not lost. The gospel gives us the hope that we can see our family members after this life. Another big deal for me as a grandfather myself now, was when my little grandson was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. I thought about the old idea of "why us", but realized that with the gospel in our lives, Heavenly Father could comfort our family and bless that little boy to be well if it was his will. The Power of the Priesthood of God is a wonderful blessing, and I know that He is real.

How I live my faith

We live in a small town of about 3500 people, and our ward group comes to church from all over the area. About 25 years ago, I found a small dental office that had been abandoned by the dentist because he had been having a rough time making a living. I had grown up in a small town in Arizona, and this place looked like a wonderful place to increase my dental practice by opening a 2nd location. I fell in love with this town, and moved out to the country to live with my family where we became a part of a great community and a small church group. The town was only about 1200 people then, and the church group only about 80 people. We are now about 250 strong! I started to volunteer for some of the things around town, like putting up Christmas lights and barbecuing hamburgers for the harvest festival in our town. I noticed other guys volunteering for the fire department, and serving on the school board and other things that need to be done in a small town. Our kids became involved in junior high and high school sports, and we have just settled in and have gained many wonderful friends here. One of the funnest things we have done is to take our kids and their friends boating. A lot of good times are to be had sharing time with friends at the lake. We figure that God has blessed us with the opportunity to be around these kids, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is gives everyone the basis to enjoy one another, no matter their faith. Good clean fun is what it's all about!!

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Likely you will come to know the missionaries because of another person or seeing them out doing service of all types. We have a son on a 2 year mission right now, a common thing for the 18-25 year old young men and women to do in their lives. What a pleasure it is to see this boy turn into a man as he teaches individuals and families about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has told us about service opportunities such as helping a family build a deck onto their house, or cleaning up a local park. He is 20 years old, and has an amazing relationship with his Savior. He was able to teach a family recently about the wonderful truths of being together for eternity. That family is expecting a baby, and soon will go to one of the Temples of the Church to sealed together with a bond that lasts beyond this life. Our son is so happy that he will get to attend this sealing ceremony later in his mission as he has a lot of love and time "invested" in helping this beautiful family come unto Christ. He is putting his formal education on hold as he takes time to help others gain in their lives what he has found to be an anchor for himself. We could not be more proud of him, and we pray everyday that he will find people just like you who desire a deep, personal relationship with their Savior, and make the sacrifice of Jesus Christ real and daily in their lives. He is on Facebook, Elder Tim Lee, and also has a Mormon.org profile page as well. He is working hard and loves it!! Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

As a Mormon person, I enjoy hanging out with people that I am comfortable with. I find it easier to maintain a higher standard of living without searching for pornography, drinking, cheating on my family, gambling, or a myriad of other things that people search for in order to belong to a group. It's easy to be with another Mormon who you think shares the standards that you would like to foster in your life. So you will find us hanging out with each other a lot. But I know many many non-mormon people in my community and that I meet in my dental practice. Most of my staff are non-members (as we call them) of our church. While they know about my religion, they accept me for my beliefs as I do them. We come from all walks of life. Our patients that we treat come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have teeth that need care. I talk about cars and airplanes and diving and photography and grandkids and family. Sometimes, I discuss my religion because it is near and dear to my heart and I try to live well everyday. I find that I am the better for knowing a lot of fine people, regardless of their beliefs or religion. Another misconception is that mormon people do not like gay people, but I find that in my life that is simply not true. I have many people I consider friends who I care for deeply who are gay. This is a very deep subject and I feel like I don't want to be judged based on hear-say. I believe that God loves us all as his children, so I can too!! Show more Show less