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Hi I'm Richard

I'm a Mormon. I am an attorney by profession and I am grateful for my life's treasures as a husband, father and grandfather.

About Me

I grew up in California but moved to Arizona with my wife and young family following graduation from law school at Brigham Young University in 1981. I never thought that I would leave the beaches of California for the deserts of Arizona but as we all discover, life is always full of surprises and here I am thirty years later. Life seems to fly by in the blink of an eye but in the last thirty years I have been on a wonderful journey with my wife raising six beautiful and talented children. Countless soccer, volleyball, baseball and football games kept us running. Dance recitals, music workshops, ski trips and scouting campouts all made the deserts of Arizona a wonderful place to raise our family. Along the way, I was able to participate in the creation and management of a law firm with my good friend.The firm now employs over sixty-five wonderful and dedicated people. We have enjoyed and learned from our experiences and have been very grateful for the opportunities we have had to serve our clients and the communities in which we live. So here I am today surrounded by my children and a dozen young grandchildren. I am discovering what all grandmothers already know which is that the soccer games and recitals do not stop as our children grow up. The love and association expands to another generation and that the joy which our families bring us continues on as far as we can see. Oh, and the beaches of California, they are nice to visit but there is no place like home.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of the peace and confidence that the doctrines of the church provide to my life's perspective and journey. While life can be wonderful, I know of no one who has not been visited with challenges and adversities in their lives. Some of those challenges are of our own making and some are not. The pain is just as piercing from whatever direction the challenge or trial comes. I have found that my faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and in His sacrifice for me has been comforting when I have faced what seemed to be overwhelming challenges in my life. I have also found that faith has given me a connection to my Heavenly Father who I feel is concerned for my welfare. I feel that He is aware of my circumstance and sees me as His son and cares for me as such. These feelings of His presence in my life have given me strength, inspiration and direction as a husband and father to those for whom I love and care about. I have seen repeatedly in my life that my family's membership in the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints has been our greatest treasure. The knowledge that our family is part of the eternal posterity of Heavenly Parents; that the atonement and great sacrifice of Jesus Christ has given my family an ability to return to live with these Parents; the hope and perspective granted by our communication through prayer; the confidence that comes from knowing that God still speaks through prophets today; and, that additional scripture given to us in the Book of Mormon all testifies to my heart that we are eternal beings and this earthly existence is part of the plan our Father has for all His children. The church has helped us to provide a stable and secure environment in which to raise our family in a world in which the family seems to be challenged from every side.

How I live my faith

Having and fulfilling opportunities of service is essential to our spiritual growth and well-being. The church has blessed my life with so many of these opportunities for which I am thankful. We are given opportunties to serve others from the time we are children which makes service seem such a natural and comfortable part of life. I have fond memories of Saturday work on church farms when I was a young boy, picking strawberries and oranges that needed harvesting, for use in providing food for those who were less fortunate. It was always fun to be needed and be able to work side by side with other young and old volunteers. It gave me a good feeling to be able to help and to realize that we can all make a difference no matter our age or ability. Over the years I have had so many wonderful service experiences. I served a mission in England and Wales for two years as a young man. There I discovered my need to rely upon the Lord for support since my family was half way around the world and there was no e-mail, skype or other means of communicating with them in those days. There was a postal strike for what seemed like several months when I arrived and so I was cut off from my family. The Lord helped me see that though I was in a different land that people there too were compassionate, kind and welcoming. He let me discover quickly that we are all brothers and sisters and that we have so much in common including our need to feel connected to our Heavenly Father. In church over the years in Arizona, I have worked with young people whether in the capacity of a scout leader chasing scouts and camping out or by mentoring young men and women who just needed someone to listen to them. I have learned that the Lord needs us all to do our part in comforting and assisting His children and that as we do so we grow in our capacity to be like the Savior. I am so grateful for my experiences in the church and its influence in my life and relationship with my wife and family.