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Hi I'm Taylor

I enjoy being as adventurous as I can, I like to think I'm a pretty funny guy and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Taylor. I've lived in California most of my life, but I've bounced around the country since I left home, working and doing my best to learn how to be independent (somewhere, my mom is laughing at me for that statement... Let's be honest, it's a work in progress =D). I enjoy iPhones, volleyball, comic books, and finding ways to have a good time when "there's nothing to do." I'm going to school to be a doctor. I'm one of those people that for some reason actually enjoys learning, so the idea of however many years of school is appealing to me. I've got a good family supporting me, so hopefully I'll make it. I'm the oldest of six kids, which is both a lot of fun and a lot of work. I do my best to set a good example for my younger brothers and help my sisters through whatever challenges life throws their way. Our family is crazy, but it's the best :).

Why I am a Mormon

Like many of us, I was born to loving parents who taught me how to be a good person, and that was just the way it was; it wasn't until later in my life that I was able to recognize why what my parents taught me worked so well. Eventually, I decided to make my commitment to God and His teachings the defining characteristic of my life (rather than a passive tradition of my youth), and it's been the best thing that's ever happened to me :). I'm a Mormon because I truly believe that God exists and loves us. I'm a Mormon because I believe that God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to die for us so that we might live. I'm a Mormon because I believe that, after centuries of confusion regarding the true teachings of Christ, God the Father and the Risen Lord Jesus Christ appeared to a young man named Joseph Smith to re-establish the true Church of Jesus Christ upon the Earth. I'm a Mormon because I know that the only way to be truly happy in this life is to do what we know is right, and I believe that God wants to teach us how to do just that =D.

How I live my faith

I do my best to live the principles I know to be true. It's not easy all the time, but I like it :)

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

We believe that mankind was created in the image of God, meaning that God has a body that looks like ours, though obviously glorified and perfected in comparison to the mortal bodies which we now possess. Often times during His mortal ministry, the Savior referred to God as "our Father in Heaven," and I think that's really my favorite way to think of Him. He is our Father, we are His children, and because of that fact, we are all brothers and sisters and should love one another. Heavenly Father is perfect and righteous in every way, and He commands us to be so as well. That can be a tall order sometimes, but I've come to realize that everything He's given us is designed to make us happy, so I trust in Him and do my best to keep up. He loves us more than we can ever imagine!! His only desire is to see us return to live with Him and our families forever when this life is over, and He provided His Son Jesus Christ to make that reality possible for each of us; for that I will be eternally grateful =D. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

An understanding of our moral accountability before God is critical before one can really understand the need for a Savior, so I guess I can start there =D. We believe that after this life, we will be jugded according to the laws of justice and mercy. Justice is the unchanging, vitally important law in God's plan for us that brings rewards for righteous actions (happiness and life in God's presence) and punishment for evil actions (misery and separation from God). Each of us have made wrong choices at one point in our lives or another, and because of those sinful actions we are subject to the demands of justice. In other words, each of us would be doomed to unhappiness after this life was over on account of the poor choices we'd made throughout the course of our lives. God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to provide the human family an avenue of escape from this terrible fate. Though innocent Himself of any wrong, Jesus Christ voluntarily chose to suffer and die for the sins committed by each of us individually. By doing so, Jesus Christ satisfied the demands of justice upon us and was given power by God to waive the penalties of our sins on conditions of repentance. In this way, God can be a just God, and a merciful God also. I will be eternally grateful for Jesus' involvement in my life. I have experienced the peace that comes from accepting His Atonement and following His teachings. I know that He truly is the Savior and Redeemer of mankind =D. Show more Show less

Why is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Mormons or Mormonism?

Although the official name of our Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many of us will often refer to ourselves by the commonly accepted nickname of "Mormon." This nickname was given to us because of the fact that we believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God as well as the Bible. The Church's official name is actually really cool in my opinion, despite being somewhat of a mouthful =D. We believe ourselves to be members of the Savior's true Church, re-established upon the earth in modern times. Hence, The Church (or the organized and united group of believers) of Jesus Christ (led by Jesus Christ) of Latter-day (in modern times) Saints (who do their best to follow God's teachings). It's simple really! Show more Show less