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Hi I'm Richard

I've grown up on a farm. I parkour. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a student of Biological Engineering. I have always loved nature and the study of how it works, and have developed a great love for the sciences such as Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. As an avid reader of Literature I find these records a source of respite and learning. I love to be physically active and used to compete in Native American Northern Traditional Dancing with the Order of the Arrow, a branch of the BSA. I have also been active in Parkour, an activity involving much training and many physical demands, but also one of solitude and peace. I interrupted all of my activities to serve a proselyting mission in Germany for two years, serving in places ranging from near Munich up to the area of Cologne. I learned to love the people I met and am so grateful for the lessons I learned while there; the most important being an increasing understanding of just how much God loves all of his children, and how he gives them more of his love as they come closer to him.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon due to a myriad of events that have happened throughout my life. The most important being a desire to know if God truly was there, and through reading the Book of Mormon and prayer, finding out that he was there. He touched my heart in a powerful, yet at the same time, gentle way. This he did time and again as I strove to follow his plan and do what was expected of me in that plan. When it comes right down to it, I am a Mormon because God answered my prayers telling me the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith was truly called of him to restore the church of Jesus Christ in it's fulness in our times, otherwise I would be as doubtful as many others who do not share my faith.

How I live my faith

I served a mission for two years; searching for those who had a heart to listen and to teach them of the wonderful plan our Heavenly Father made for them. That it's not just a nice thought, but rather, that it is real. More important to me than the occasional "good deed" like a mission or other big name position is how I live my life day to day. Obviously I'm not perfect, and that fact helps to keep me trying to be my best. I like to ask myself questions like like these, even if it hurts sometimes: "have I helped anybody today?", "Have you been kind or rude?", "Have I thought about the Savior today?", "Have I expressed my gratitude for life in any way?", etc. Most important to me is loving my family. They have supported me in so many ways, I hope to remain good friends and become even better friends with all of them. Since I have 17 nieces and nephews with more on the way that could turn into quite an intimidating task, but I enjoy it so much to spend time with them that the benefits out weigh the costs on every level.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

We are taught to live after the teachings and example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do our best to follow in his footsteps despite challenges and weaknesses which we recognize everyone has. As a part of that life we accept others weaknesses and try to encourage and inspire, to support and provide however we can, instead of putting others down. This is because we wish to help everyone achieve what our Heavenly Father wishes for us, and that is to have joy. As a guide to that joy God has given us scriptures which we read daily, including the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. All of which are the will of God as he revealed it to either prophets of old or in our modern times. We go to church every Sunday to be strengthened and to learn especially when we partake of the Sacrament, remembering our Saviors sacrifice for us. We pray often to our Father in Heaven who loves us. Lastly we keep the commandments God has revealed to us because we love him and know by experience that by doing so he will give us what we need to live in joy and happiness. Show more Show less