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Hi I'm Jim

I'm a 6th generation Mormon, married 58 yrs, (to 2005 National Mother of the Year), 11 children, 50 grandchildren, retired lawyer

About Me

I am the oldest of seven children. I grew up in Pendleton, OR. I weighed 95 pounds when I graduated from High School and won the "flea weight" division wrestling championship 4 years in a row, never losing a match. I served as President of the 12-13 and 14-15 year old boys and as Assistant to the Bishop presiding over the 16 - 18 year old boys in the Church. I won all the scripture memoriztion compitions at the local Presbyterian Bible School. At age 18 I used my college savings ($450) to purchase 7 1/2 ton of watermellons (at 2 cents a pound) in Hermiston, OR and took them by truck over the Acan Hiway to Achorage, AK, where I tipped the truck over. I sold the surviving mellons at 30 cents a pound. Since I lost my $450, I worked from midnight until 8:00 AM in an all night restraurant through my 1st year at BYU. I served as a Missionary in South Africa from April 54 until Sept 56. In the Army Infantry from Oct 56 to Sept 59. I was discharged in 66 as a Captain. I worked for the Bureau of Naval Weapons as a Senior Negotiator purchasing the F-4 Fighter Airplane and represented the US in the sale of that Airplane to England, Iran, and other countries while I attended law school at night, & taught early morning seminary. I practiced law and developed business and real estate projects for over forty years. My Church callings included service as Bishop, Stake President, Regional Representative, Temple Worker (sealer) and fifteen years in Mission Presidencies.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born into the Church as a sixth generation "Mormon", and I grew up becoming familiar with the conversion stories of my pioneer ancestors, I gained my own testimony at a young age. I was always grateful for my ancestors dedication, and the sacrifices they made for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I came to know for myself of the love my Heavenly Father and Savior have for me, I felt the comforting blessings of the Spirit of God in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. I diligently studied the Scriptures, and prayed every night and morning for the Lord's blessings upon me and my family and asked Him for help in doing things which please Him. I was particularly aware of the Lord's help in times of trial. I always knew that if I were faithful and true to the things He had, by the Holy Ghost, made known to me, that - in the end - everything would be alright. At times when everything was not yet alright, I knew: It was not the end!. Over time I came to understand the wonderful Plan of Happiness God made possible for me, and for all his children, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. By my early teen years, I knew for a surety that Jesus Christ was my Savior, and that because of His willing sacrifice, His devotion to doing the will of the Father, it would be possible for me to find true joy and happiness in this world, and Eternal Life with my family. in the world to come. I was privileged to know the prophets of these latter days, and to see their inspired guidance and service in the cause of our Savior. As my children also grew in the Gospel I watched the blessings from the Lord, as my children grappled with everyday challenges of work, family, health, and other mortal trials. I know of a surety that they, and I, have had many "tender mercies" granted to us by a kind and loving Heavenly Father who loves us and who speaks to us today, just as he did anciently, through His Prophets and Apostles. I am happy to be a "Mormon".

How I live my faith

I am fair and honest in my dealings with others. I observe and keep the covenants I made with God. I am faithful to my wife and kind to my children. To the best of my ability I try to do that which I know my Heavenly Father and my Savior expect of me. I love my fellowmen. I love my country. My wife and I and our posterity voluteers in our communities. Helen was the Oregon and the National Mother of the Year, I was Chairman of the Oregon City Planning Commission, we have both been precinct chairs. I was a member of the Electorial College electing the President of the US. Helen and I both delivered "Meals on Wheels". I have served in Rotary, Sertoma, & on many community boards and commissions. I've served on BSA Executive Boards, committees, and Task Forces at local Council, Area, Regional and National levels for over 35 years. Our family was selected as the "Family of the Year" for Oregon City. Our children and their spouses served, at their own expense, as missionaires in Texas, Idaho, Arizona, Taiwan, Germany, Argentina, Sweden, another Germany, Guatamala, another Texas, Utah, another Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Portugal, Florida, Canada, and Salt Lake. Our 11th child is a Down syndome boy, now 34 years old. He is a great joy in all our lives. When Helen and I served a two year missionary assignment in the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, our special needs boy served with us by working as a janitor in the huge Church Conference Center each Monday and Tuesday, working at Welfare Square helping the poor and needy each Wednesday and Thursday, and working in the flower gardens around the Temple on Fridays. I am assigned to serve as a "Home Teacher" to five families in our congregation. At least once a month I visit them to deliver a Gospel message or thought, check on their well being and generally help or support them in thier trials or difficulties. My wife and our chilfren each have similar assignments with other families.