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Hi I'm Kylie

I'm an equestrian rider studying bioscience: genomics and bioinformatics with a minor in history. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a junior attending a University, where I am currently studying bioscience:genomics and bioinformatics along with a minor in history. I'm contemplating the unthinkable, and may add another major (or two). I've always been drawn to writing and I found a certain degree that has a concentration in family history research, which would work beautifully with my honors thesis project: writing a book on genealogy and making it applicable to the youth of this age. I use to absolutely hate family history until I had the opportunity of a lifetime and I was sent to Denmark by the lions club last summer. I was able to stand on the very ground my forefathers stood on, and it was a very moving time for me. I encourage all to trace back there roots, because there is a certain comfort and sense of satisfaction in finding one's self. Besides being a huge nerd, I'm a professional equestrian rider, I work two jobs, I use to manage my own companies. One was essentially where I worked with small or higher functioning autistic children in horse therapy, the other was an organic egg business for cancer patients. I indulge in poetry and painting. Lets just say I like to dabble into everything.

Why I am a Mormon

I claim to be a convert, though I was baptised at the traditional age of 8. Despite my age at the time and what the skeptics say, I know for a fact that I made a decision to join this church, by myself, for myself. My parents had been seeing the missionaries for awhile before they made the decision to be baptised and extended the same invitation to me. I remember my mother sitting on my bed, holding my hand and telling me that I did not have to join this church if I did not wish to. She expressed that though she and my father would join this church, she did not want me to join it simply to follow them. I remember how I wanted to join this church with every fiber of my being, I thought my little being would practically implode. I knew this church was true because I could feel the peace the missionaries left. My house felt kinder, my parents seemed to look at each other with more understanding, more love. I did not have the words to describe it, and I still do not. I simply know that the gospel was good. This experience and many others have helped me overcome the numerous hurdles that have appeared in my life. Even when I am angry and wish to thrust down these beliefs, I cannot. I cannot deny the presence of truth. I have seen miracles in my life and I know there is a God. I know that my redeemer lives, that he died for me, and for you. I know that every person matters to him, no matter the things we have done, nor how inadequate we feel. I have a knowledge that prayers are answered, that revelation is not only found in scripture, but through a modern day living prophet as well. I believe in eternal life, and that broken families can become whole and live as an eternal unit. I bear record unto you, that the Book of Mormon was not conjured by a boy under false pretenses, but that it is a testiment of God's "other sheep." If you read it, you will only find goodness and a peace which cannot be found in any novel or other source. I implore you to read it.

How I live my faith

I cannot tell you how often this kind of question comes up in my life. It takes on many forms and appearances. Why must you dress modestly? what do you mean you don't drink coffee? Abstain from alcohol?? You mean you can't have sex until you are married....? When living my faith, many of the supposedly "harsh standards" are rather logical. Why would I ever ingest somthing poisonous or damaging to my precious God-given body? I view it as destroying an extremely expensive gift; after all, we were paid for in blood. Alcohol, dangerous, addictive, impairs the ability to think and puts others at risk. Why would I want that weight on my shoulders? coffee.... that delicious smelling addiction that keeps one from functioning properly without it. In regards to modesty, why should I be condemned for dressing classy? I command respect because of what I wear. I am not a thing to be had, I am a person with words to be listened to. I am personally very grateful for the law of chastity, where one does not procreate with another until marriage. I have seen so much devastation because a person was used for a physical release when they thought they were loved. It can lead to an abusive, self destructive lifestyIe that I want no part of. Furthermore, I do not need many lovers in my life, I simply yearn for one~ I like my life simple and drama free, when I can relish in the peace I find at church and share with the others my joy and pain. At church we bear one another's burdens. I use my Sunday to take the sacrament, emulating the body and blood of Christ, which was shed for us. I sit and meditate about the past week, the up and downs, the things I triumphed over, as well as the things I will dedicate to fixing in the upcoming week. I am always aiming to become a better person, a person who would not tremble before Christ. I want to look him in the eye, and say, "Brother, I have kept the faith."