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Hi I'm Timmy

I'm Timmy, I grew up in southern california, I strive to be a poet and artist, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

I come from a family of 14 brothers and sisters. I am number 12 in line. I love my family very much, and have learned countless things from each of my brothers and sisters. I have a big imagination, and love putting it to good use. One way I do so is by projects such as board games or card games. I also love to put art to said things and like to draw, although I'm no michaelangelo. Art has also lead my to want to learn more about 3D animation, and I would like to apply for a career in that in the future. Another thing that, that leads me to is I am a lover of video games. Not for senseless violence or anything, but for the stories told. I believe that relates back to my imagination where someone can create a story for someone else to live through. You might now be thinking I'm getting way into this, but it's true. I love the imagination of others. Another person I love with a big imagination was Shel Silverstien. I can't say I'm an avid reader, but I love his poetry, and I've been known to write out a few silly poems myself. Probably not on par with him, but I strive to better myself always. I'm usually good about trying new things or just daring things, but I'm always willing to learn more and live life.

Why I am a Mormon

I have actually been a memeber all my life, or atleast since I was 8 years old. Being raised in the church, you start to wonder what else is out there and I've found myself applying all I knew from the church. The big turn around around for me though was when I started seeing what's been happening to people I knew and they started ruining their lives. I found myself blessed with the fact that I had been raised in the church, but yet I was reluctant to actually do anything about it. One time I was invited to help out with an activity that our church was holding, and I mainly worked in the kitchen, but when the kids had classes I had to usher them around to them. One of these classes Simply put that how the Joseph smith experiance could apply to us today. After that class, I walked off into the boonies and knealt down in prayer to see if this is the true church, or if I had been wasting my time my whole life. The answer I got was simple, "Yes, think about everything you've done." I was blown away by my answer, I now knew that, that's why I loved my family, that's why I'm happy, I just knew. This gospel blesses families and my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy. I am a mormon because I know my father has a plan for us, and he wants me to be happy and live with my family forever.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing what I am called. At the moment, I am serving a mission to bring others unto Christ, in the Salt Lake City Central mission. Now, I know what you're thinking, "That's mormon country.", but I can tell you that it's hard work because of it. Everybody who isn't a member already has their opinion of the church, so it's hard to find those who are willing to listen. Other ways I live my faith are through callings in the church. I have been called to be a great many things in the church, but ones I loved where the ones that put me into a position to teach. I love to tell stories and answer questions. I love to get people to think, and what better way than to stand in front of a class room and ask them questions to get those cogs in the head to start rotating. Through the church I have also participated in Scouting and achieved my Eagle scout award with help from my famliy and friends. I arose every morning at around 6 to go over the church for a class we had, called seminary which takes place thoughout the years of highschool. I have participated in many community projects and even helped in a church program called the Mormon Helping Hands. I love to do work, and have done so by helping the community and anybody who has asked me to be there. Everytime I have applied myself to these, My faith has grown through works.