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Hi I'm Spencer Thatcher

I'm from Layton UT, I'm a live Rendition of the Goofy Movie, I love Martial Art, I'm serving the Lord in WV, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm a bit of a human salad bowl when it comes to character traits. My interest are varied and many. I love Physics, Ancient world history, and Mathematics (and lego's). I love all kinds of music be it sad or sweet, soft or heavy. I feel that music can soften the heart and bring two opposite people together in harmony. Also I like it because I can stand on one foot and dance like a gypsy. I play many instruments including but not limited to, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, and recently the Banjo, ect and so forth. I do have a physical side as well though. I enjoy such collision sports as: rugby, wrestling, and UFC fighting. By far though, of all athletics my favorites are in the ways of Martial arts. Learning these art's are a big achievement of mine. I do Chun Kuk Do, Tang Sun Do, and am self taught in Krav Maga, Akihito, Muay Tai and I plan on learning iishan ryu karate-do when I get back home. I love the focus, strength, and peace of mind they give me, plus it's cool to break stuff. I discovered the wonders of video games at a young age but wasn't content with just playing them. when I discovered a multimedia class in high school I jumped all over that. I'd love to be a graphics developer when I get older but i'm feeling a strong pull to serve our nation as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force. I am currently Serving our Lord in the Charleston, West Virgina Mission. Also no worry, not all Mormons are weird as OTHERS (not me) say I am, it just comes with the territory.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe in the wholesome values of the faith. There IS a God and he DOES love us. It is our responsibility to uphold the standards he give his children. I always had a choice when it came to going to church, I was never forced to go but I got pleasure from Being around people who don't need to know you to love you. Even at a small age I could see the sacrifice my parents would make for us. I love them so much and they're love for others reflected on me and soon I gained my own love for our Heaven Father and Christ, My love for all I knew and cared for grew even more when I realized our Redeemer really does Live and he watches and protects us. Some would say that it doesn't matter what faith we are but that as long as Christ is involved its all good. I boldly declare that's not true for I have had the Spirit testify to me of this church's morals, history, and believe's do perfectly match that of our saviors and it brings me happiness, This church is always looking to work towards a world of people who all love one another as he has loved us. There is one thing that must take place in every person's life to have a true faith in Christ though, and that is to be BORN AGAIN. The story of Christ and Nicodemus states that we need to have a conversion of the spirit to inherit the kingdom of heaven. We must all pass threw a refirners fire, and be born again. I promise that to those who trust in the atonement will come to now these things to be true.

How I live my faith

I am one who is what the youth these days call a "do it your selfer." Meaning I'm not one for handouts and I'm pretty content with life as it is without the need of worldly entertainment (even though the internet is the greatest thing ever invented EVER next to scriptures and spiderman) but I also love the phrase BEING not DOING. Don't begrudgingly mow your old neighbors lawn because your parents made you, recognize that they're frail and it hurts them to do it. What do you do when you see this? Get off the banana chair, stop playing Halo: Reach, or for PS3 Killzone, or for Wii Zelda Skyward Sword, or for computer Starcraft 2 or if your hardcore like me, turn off all four at once while doing an all night four way cram session with only the aid of two monster energy drinks chased down with some Mt.Dew and my MP3 set to play on repeat "Hearts on Fire," (Kenny Loggins/Rocky 4) all night long and go out. Say hi and help them. Have love for serving them and making there life better, happiness comes more freely. Plus old people are generous givers of 1950 story's and old strange flavored candies. Don't forgive someone but hold bad feelings in your heart, like that jerk who cut in line and got the last mcflurry because the machine broke right after, I totally forgive him for his many flaws and faults. Forgive them of all they've done even if they still hold something against you. You'd be surprised at what love can accomplish. You should try it some time, its awesome!

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Spencer Thatcher
Its very simple. A church is a place for study, worship and for renewing our covenants (our promises to god) with the lord to follow his example (i.e the sacrament[to some this is known as communion]meeting), but the temple is a place to do gods work here on earth. Within the temple walls we strive to keep the spirit strong. If we let anyone in (though we don't judge them but love them) there would be those who would be disruptive of the spirit and the holy ghost would leave which is something we cannot have. We would love everyone to come to our temples to work and worship with use but we try to keep the spirit there by only allowing those who's lives are in harmony with the gospels of Christ enter in. With in the temples we do proxy baptisms for the dead, genealogy, and temple marriages to seal two people together for all eternity. (You may find it interesting to know that we interview our own members before they enter into a temple. To make sure they are living the commandments and principles of Christ they are interviewed by a church authority and when found worthy they are given a "Temple Recommend" card stating they are living the whole law of Christ and are worth to enter the temples of god.) Show more Show less