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Hi I'm Ed Larson

I'm a Father,a Machinist,an Artist,a Paintball player, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up somewhat of a wild child,I never listened to my parent's alway's broke the rules,and was in trouble constantly. I had the the long hair,rock n roll and parties were my thing for most of my life.I dropped out of school at age 16,went back and got my G.E.D when I was 20,then I went back to school for machining when I was 25-30,finaly settled down and got married to my beautiful wife,we have 3 children,1 boy 2 girls,we bought a home and have just been living the american dream.I'm somewhat of an artist (it runs in the family) and draw alot,I was on a paintball team for about 3-4 years called the wild bunch and really loved it,We traveled to alot of games ot of state like D Day OK. and GI Jo in IN.but our home field was in wisconsin,with my machining skills I was able to make alot of modifications to my marker's and did alot of custom work to mine and my team's marker's, now i'm middle aged and dont get out to play anymore :( Our son has gone off to join the air force and is in Germany now and is learning cyber operations and has a promising carrer developing with the service.We still have 2 children left to raise and excited to see what the lord has in store for me!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a morman,to simply put it because it's the only true and full gosple of Jesus Christ on the earth! but why I chose it is another matter completly. I was born into the religeon and my parrent's raised me up in the faith, but at the age of 10-11 I fell away from the church, and all it's practices,my parrent's desperatly tried to bring me to church and tried to tech me the path I should follow, but I was consumed with the the world and all it has to offer,I thought my friend's were more important and hangin out and parties were way more funner than the boring church services so I quess i'm like the protical son who spent his day's with riotous living,but even when I was at my lowest point's in life I felt the lord's spirit with me and the church and the lord never gave up on me,the missonaries would always stop by and give me friendly reminder's to go to church,and after my father passed away,I decided that instead of just blowing it all off as a bunch of hog wash, I should at least read a little bit and make an educated decision,so I started reading the book of mormon..I couldnt put it down I really enjoyed the stories of the early nephites and lamenites, and the spirit that I felt while reading it was so strong it's source has to come from heaven above! Many times it brought me to tear's and could almost hear the prophets of old pleading with me to repent and come back to the lord,so I did and my soul rejoices in the fact that someone like me could repent and be saved by the power of the atonement! I love the gosple and all that i've learned and continue to learn on a daily basis!! I've been to alot of other churches I call them the alacart churches they only take some things from the gosple but dont follow any of the ordinances they dont like or want to do,and people shop around for churches that let them do what they want in there life style.The Morman church has the complete and FULL gosple of Jesus Christ!! and I testify this in the name of Jesus Christ amen

How I live my faith

I've only recently came back to the church so i'm still relatively new,I started going to church weekly about 10 month's now,I study the scriptures daily...cant stress this enough! you have to read the scriptures daily to obtain the spirit to help you wade through the mire that is today's world. Pray!! I try to pray as often as I can and when I cant I pray in my heart or with song! I just had my priesthood restored to me and was ordained to the office of priest and plan on baptizing my daughter in october,what a wonderfull blessing this has been and i'm thankfull to the lord for this blessing!As far as how I live my faith,i'm still trying to obtain the word of god so i'm still taking the baby step's in the gosple but I follow the word of wisdom, to keep my body healthy and clean so the holy ghost may dwell with me and be my guide daily,I have faith that when i fall the savior will be there to pick me up and lean on in times of need . I try to live my life with Faith,Hope,Love,and Charity for this is what the savior taught us to be like him that if we do these things we can return to him and our father in heaven! So as of the moment I attened church on a weekly basis to recieve the sacrement,read the scriptures and pray daily and hope to continue to grow in the church as time passes on, i'm excited to see what the lord has in store for me!