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Hi I'm Lindsay

I was born and raised in California. My dream is to travel the world. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I recently returned from serving a full-time mission in Bulgaria. It was the most difficult, rewarding, joyous, tear-jerking, developmental, and surreal experience of my life and all I want to do is go back. I am still in the process now of figuring out what direction I want to go with my life, but for now I am a film major at Brigham Young University. I love movies and I love the art of their creation. I look forward to the future that lies ahead of me in this field. Apart from that, I love sports and being adventurous. If it was possible, I would drop everything and just go out and live on a boat with my family and travel the world. My faith has helped me to discover the beauty of this earth and the plethora of cultural intricacies that make every human being unique, yet we are all God's children. "We are all God's children." I hope one day that everyone will be able to understand the magnitude of that statement.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family that already practiced the LDS faith and I feel it has been a great blessing in my life. Growing up, I was one of the few Mormons in my school. I saw good friends make bad choices and slowly become dependent on worldly things like social acceptance and illegal substances. I saw some of the few Mormon friends I had become tempted and fall away from what I knew and they knew was the truth. They were tired of trying and it was just easier to give in. Over the years I have seen how much happier my life is in comparison to what it could have been. I see old friends whose lives are beyond repair. The choices they made in the past resulted in consequences and new responsibilities that limit their freedom to live the life they dreamed of back in their elementary school days. Friends get pregnant. Friends get addicted. Friends go to jail. Friends live from party to party without caring about progress or purpose. It is a sad conclusion that they have yet to realize. I feel the rules I set for myself based on my beliefs have actually given me more freedom and joy. The comfort I feel knowing that my Heavenly Father is proud of me is the real reason why I choose to practice this religion. It gives me purpose and a bar to reach that is always being raised. Through my faith I know the answers to life's biggest questions: Who am I? Why am I here? and Where am I going? I am not afraid of what lies ahead because I know that it is all a part of a master plan and on this journey, I know I am never alone. That is the greatest gift in this life and if I were not a member of this church, I would not have a knowledge of it and I would be lost completely.

How I live my faith

My ward family is not only a source of support, they have become my best friends. Growing up in the family ward, the other families looked out for me and became a part of my life and who I am today. As an adult, I learned how to stand on my own as a member of this church and take the responsibility of a calling. With this new responsibility I feel like I play a part in the organization of the church. I am a cog in this functioning machine that stands as a support and lifeline to the entire congregation. My role as home evening activity coordinator in the young single adults branch seems unimportant and miniscule in the greater spectrum, but I feel differently. Home evening has played a key part in how connected I am with the other members of my branch. Through the simple action of getting together and sharing time, we have built a trust where I can consider them as close as siblings. In times of need, this connection can be the most helpful tool in the world because, like family, the branch will be there to support you. Without being asked, someone will always be there to lend you a hand up. It is difficult to explain this willingness or where this desire to do service comes from. I feel it within me frequently and by acting on that urge to help, I feel closer not only to those I'm serving, but to my Heavenly Father as well. That is how I choose to live my faith: through service. I try and make every activity enjoyable and well attended because such events are the glue that keep us connected. If we are connected through love and service, we may reach out to others and show them that they can share the happiness this church brings us.