What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Trey Holst

I spend a good amount of my time with the Boy Scouts of America, hiking, camping, and spending time with our youth. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a network administrator for a mid size company based in Colorado. I've been a computer expert for over 17 years. Although I am very satisfied with my job, I have many other interests. I spend much of my free time working with Boy Scouts of America. I am currently an Assistant District Commissioner for the Gateway district. I work closely with 7 troops making sure the program builds the boys into strong leaders. I have 4 children who keep me busy. They have been wonderful children and have become strong leaders by taking on various responsibilies in the church programs and abiding by the high standards which focus on building character in our young men and women. Another hobby of mine is Amateur Radio (HAM). I certified as a Technician in April 2012 and have since earned my General and Amatuer Extra licenses. My wife, two oldest daughters and my son have also earned their licenses. This is a great way to meet other people and be prepared in the event that communications have been compromised (several examples can be found in recent natural disasters including hurricanes, tornados and floods). It is amazing to see how quickly the amateur radio community responds to communication needs in the event of a disaster and how smoothly they perform their duties. I am very happy with the life I have lead and the people I have been able to meet through my service in the Church. I would not be the same without it.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother joined the LDS church when I was five. You might think that growing up in the church makes it easy to believe in it, but you would be mistaken. I learned much about the church in my youth, but I did not gain a full testimony of the truthfulness until I was twenty. I spent much of my high school days not acting much as a young man growing up in the church should. I had bad habits of swearing and disrespecting my parents. Though, in the back of my mind was the teachings of my parents and primary teachers. I went to Ricks college (now BYU Idaho) and became inactive from the church for my entire first year. I spent a great deal of time justifying why it wasn't necessary to go to church and participate, but it never felt right in my heart. Fortunately, my second year I had great roomates that had the mindset that I didn't have to go to church, but I had to be ready to go out the door with them. They would run into my room and dogpile me until I woke up. They would make sure I showered and got dressed. At that point, it's pretty difficult to justify staying home. Eventually I started going back and felt what I had not felt for a long time, the Spirit. That year my testimony of the Gospel was strengthened and I made the decision to serve a mission so that I could share with others what had made my life so fulfilling. I served a mission in Santiago, Chile for two years and loved the people I taught. Since returning from my mission, I have served in several positions in the church and my testimony of its truthfulness continues to grow. I have felt accepted for who I am in each ward I have been a part of.

How I live my faith

For the last 10 years I've spent time with our young men and women from age 12-18. I've spent most of that time serving in our boy scout program. It is amazing how strong our youth are and how much they grow during these years. They are still teenagers and are difficult at times, but it is rewarding to see their accomplishments and hear about their aspirations for the future. It is great to get out in the mountains of Colorado and enjoy the camping, hiking, rafting and many other activities available to us in nature. Our young women are incredible as well. They go camping, hiking, rafting, and just taking advantage of the outdoors. They spend more time sharing gifts and playing group games. They express their love of family and serving others. Both our Young Men and Young Women are dedicated to serving the Savior and living His priciples. They find happiness and joy in serving the Lord and spending time with each other. My current calling is to work with the young men leaders in our stake (a stake is a group of about 7-10 congregations). Each of these leaders holds a position in the Boy Scouts of America. The LDS Church has a long history of being a chartered organization with the Boy Scouts of America (100 years in 2013). I serve as an Assistant District Commissioner and help our adults in their service as scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and Crew Advisors. It's a pleasure to rub shoulders with these great men who volunteer their time and talents with the young men. They are an inspiration to me.

Why is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Mormons or Mormonism?

Trey Holst
Mormon is a prophet that spent his life compiling writings from about 1000 years of prophetic writings and the history of his people. His compilation is what we now know as the Book of Mormon. His efforts are appreciated by members of the church and the reason the nickname Mormons came about. Although his efforts are very much appreciated, our worship is dedicated to our Savior Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon was written to help all people to come unto Christ. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Trey Holst
Family is the basic unit of the Church. Much of what we do as a church centers around families and how to strengthen them. When destruction hits an area, you will find many people searching for family members, crying out for mothers, fathers, children and siblings that have been lost. When we leave this life we will search for them even more (Elder Ballard, "What Matters Most Is What Lasts Longest", October 2005 General Converence). Our families are what strengthens us, even if we take them for granted at times. Would it make any sense that such a wonderful unit would be broken up after we leave this mortal existence. The answer is an emphatical "no". Part of our Heavenly Fathers plan is that we can be together as a family for eternity. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we can be sealed to our families for eternity. This sacred work is performed in temples throughout the world. Having this knowledge brings peace to me and my family. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

Trey Holst
The Church is organized into smaller groups to help strengthen families. Stakes are larger groups that typically span the area of a city or two. Inside of the stake, there are wards and branches. Wards are groups of about 500 members. Smaller groups are called branches. Stakes are lead by a Stake President and he has many people from the membership of the wards that assist him. The wards are lead by a bishop and branches are lead by branch presidents. All of these positions are unpaid and they typically have full time jobs to support thier families. They typically serve in their callings for 5-10 years and then are released, however there is no firm time frame for service. Wards and branches meet together each week in ward meeting houses. One of the meeting houses is larger than the others and is called the Stake Center. The stake meets together twice a year and for special events and firesides in this building. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Trey Holst
This life is filled with sorrow, happiness, disappointment, achievement, fear and peace? What could possibly be the point if it all? It is all based on the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father laid out for us. If you place your hand on a cold surface, how do you explain that sensation to someone that has never felt it before? When it comes down to it, the best explanation is that it is not warm. How can we understand happiness if we have not experienced sorrow? How will we know the sensation of achievement if we have not experienced disappointment, how can we feel peace if we have not felt fear? This life is all about experience. Heavenly Father's plan is called the plan of happiness because that is our goal, to be happy. Find someone that has lived a very hard life and has overcome those trials, and you will find someone that truly appreciates the good things this life has to offer. There are a few other reasons for being here. First of all, we have gained a body, something we did not have before we came here. It is an imperfect body, one that can get sick, the gets tired, that someday will whither and die. We have been promised that after death, our bodies will become perfected. We also have the opportunity to learn and grow. It is expected that we will learn from our mistakes and become better. The gospel outlines a perfect way of living and we can accelerate our learning by following the patterns set out by Christ. Show more Show less