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Hi I'm Audrey

I love the sunshine, windows rolled down, country music, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Audrey and I was a student at Utah State University studying special education. I have a little obsession with Harry Potter and musicals. I love being outside, reading, and attempting to remember the things I learned at piano lessons. I love music with all of my heart, mainly because it speaks for itself. It creates a spark that cannot be found in any other way. I am currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Anaheim, California area. I am so happy as I teach about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and testifying how much joy it has brought to me and my family as we live it through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to be happy and I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. As I have lived His teachings that are found in the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon (which is another testement of Jesus Christ) I have been blessed and I have found that true and lasting happiness. I'm not saying that I don't have bad days on occassion, but instead I know that the reason why I go through hard moments is because my Heavenly Father is helping me become more like His Son, Jesus Christ. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is what helps me through everything. I am so incredibly happy when I live the gospel- the feeling is larger than I am and I can't hold it in. I love this gospel more than anything, I know without a doubt that this church is true and I am proud to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by studying my scriptures and praying to my Heavenly Father on a daily basis. I cannot fully express how much peace and comfort these 2 things have brought to my life. They have answered questions that I needed to know the answer to, and they have made me grateful for my life and the lasting and eternal love that my Savior, Jesus Christ has for me. I also live my faith by being on my mission and serving others on a daily basis. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I am constantly striving to be more like my Savior and I know that while I serve Him whether it be on my mission or afterwards- it brings me closer to Him and more like Him. And not only that it brings me more happiness.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Me, personally, as a human being. How did I become to be? I have a heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, stomach, bones, muscles, skin, liver, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, the list goes on and on. Some of these are more detailed and complex than others, but with all of this and how it functions without flaw, how could there not be a God? He designed me personally. I was not mass produced. Along with me there are so many other creations. There is a night sky, the warm sunlight, there are over a 1,000 different kind of flowers. None of this could have happened without a God. "Through the ages, some without scriptural understanding have tried to explain our existence by pretentious words such as ex nihilo out of nothing. Others have deduced that, because of certain similarities between different forms of life, there has been a natural selection of the species, or organic evolution from one form to another. Many of these people have concluded that the universe began as a “big bang” that eventually resulted in the creation of our planet and life upon it. "To me, such theories are unbelievable! Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary? It is unthinkable! Even if it could be argued to be within a remote realm of possibility, such a dictionary could certainly not heal its own torn pages or renew its own worn corners or reproduce its own subsequent editions!" -Elder Russell M. Nelson Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Nothing is a secret inside the temple. The temple is the Lord's house. Like our own homes, nothing secret goes on inside them but we don't want just anyone coming in. Things happen in our homes that are sometimes more personal and private, but nothing that is secret. It's just something that is personal to us. In the temple we learn eternal truths. Those who are have spiritually prepared and are worthy with a current temple recommend are those who are allowed to enter. You do not feed a new born baby steak. He needs to grow and develop in order to eat the steak. If he eats it before he is ready it is harmful to him and may even result in his death. Just like entering the temple. If we are given spiritual instruction before we are prepared to receive it, it may be spiritually harmful to us. In Luke 12:48 is says, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." When we are given these truths and how to live them we are held responsible for them. If we know them and are unable to live them, it is harmful to ourselves. We strive to be married inside the temple because our families be together forever, even after death. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is like being anyone else. We have families and friends, we go to school, we go to work, we like to have fun, we have good days and bad days, we have trials, etc... The only thing that is different is that we have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We know that we are children of our Heavenly Father and that we lived with Him before. We know why we are on earth, and where we are going after we die. Because we know this we are happier and we understand the plan that God has for us. Being a Mormon is the happiest way to live life. Show more Show less