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Hi I'm Brian

I love spending time outdoors. I love solving problems and working with my hands. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always grown up in the church and have always had the blessings of the restored gospel around me my whole life. That does not eliminate the fact that I have had trials and struggles in my life. My family has moved a few times, each time seeming like the end of the world to me. With each new location brought new trials to face and new lessons to learn. Along the way we adopted my sister, who brought even more change to our lives. But through all the experiences the gospel has been there as a constant that we could hold on to. Knowing that each trial would strengthen our family, and our faith in the Lord. We have learned how to rely on the promises of God to help us handle the different challenges that have come up in life. I love to learn, so one of my favorite parts of life was when I could go off to college. That is really where i began to realize that I had my own testimony of the gospel. I have been studying criminal justice and have even worked for the college police department. I have always loved being active and outdoors. Camping, hiking, motorcycles, swimming, you name it! Even some cliff diving. I really just lovee enjoying life and having fun. there is just too much to do and learn here in this life, I wonder if Ill have time to try it all. I also love to travel, having been to the Bahamas and Mexico a few times. You're never done learning and gaining experience.

Why I am a Mormon

For the longest time in my life I would not have kown how to answer this quiestion. I proubably would have said, "well, because I grew up in it." It really took some big trials in my life to help me see why I choose to be Mormon. I went off on a mission to serve the Lord but had to come home for a time. During that time even more struggles and callenges came in my mind and in my life. I went off to college not sure what I was going to do with my life, and if I wanted to live my faith. The farther I strayed from the path I was taught to live the harder life got and the more unhappy I began to be. I didnt notice it at first because it was a gradual thing. It came to a point where I felt great burdens of guilt on my shoulders that i kept trying to shrug off, but they would not leave. One New Years I spent some time with some friends from school, who had remianed true to the gospel. As I heard their testimonies and saw the happiness that shined from their faces I felt an enormous desire to have that same peace. I began to make little changes in my life. Moving in with better influences, slowly starting to attend church again. As I began to really live the gospel for myself, rather than relying on my parents and their testimonies as a crutch, I learned about how completely the gospel and can heal even the deepest feelings of pain, self doubt, and guilt. As I began living the gospel and surrounding myself with good friends and influences my life completely turned around for the better, to the point where I once again could go out and be a servant of the Lord. Now I feel that joy I saw in facesof my friends, and the joy my parents were trying to help me experience. The Lord needed me to be humble, and to want to have that peace. As I continue to learn from the Scriptures, and share it with other it fortifies my faith, knowing that this really is the Gospel of Peace. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, and His restored healing gospel.

How I live my faith

As I became active again in the church I was attending a college ward. There I was active in many of the activities. We were part of the LDS student association on campus, where we participated in many of the activites, including the Relay for Life. I hosted a weekly group meeting in our apartment where members of the congregation would meet each monday for a short lesson and activities. Currently I am serving as a missionary where I am sharing the Gospel with other around me each and every day through speach, and through action. I love reaching out and just trying to help those around us. Sharing an encouraging word to those that look down and out. It hurts me to see people passing through the same pains as I did, so I try to share what I have learned and come to feel as I have lived the Gospel.