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Hi I'm Shasta

I grew up in the Midwest in a small town in Illinois.. I'm a flower child who loves life, and Mother Nature..I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a very small town. I am a country girl to the bone.. I'm the only child between my parents, but I do have 2 younger brothers from my mom and 1 older sister from my dad.. My childhood was very rough.. My dad suffered from drug addiction most of my life, and my mom suffers from Bi-polar disorder.. I went to 9 schools in 13 years, and moved more than 20 times before I got married.. I was very lost, without any direction.. I thought life would always be that way.. Almost everybody I loved had hurt me in some way or another.. So I put up walls to keep me safe.. In High school dad was into drugs so bad, he eventually went to prison on and off for 6 years or more.. Mom had her own issues with depression and was married to a an abusive gambler, who made life even worse at times.. If it wasn't for my grandparents I don't know where I'd be When I was a teenager I got into the party scene.. That lead me to meet Eric a "Crazy drummer" or so I thought.. After knowing each other for a few years we started dating. I found out he wasn't the "Crazy Drummer" I had thought.. He came from a picture perfect family.. or at least to me that was how they looked.. They showed my how real family is.. Eric and I married shortly after I graduated.. Here it is 9 & 1/2 years married, 12 years together.. 1 beautiful little girl, a beautiful home in Florida.. Life has never been better than the day I fell in love with my "Crazy Drummer".. He brought something good into my life..

Why I am a Mormon

When I met Eric he was inactive.. Inactive but still had his knowledge of the teaching of the church.. I had been to many different churches and never felt comfortable.. Before we got married we took the lessons, but still I didn't think I needed to change for God to love me.. We got married and went on with life in our own way.. We moved from the Midwest to Las Vegas, and then shortly after that moved to our little town in Florida.. Everytime we moved Eric's dad called the closest branch and let the Elders know we were here.. Made me so mad then.. Well there came a time when Eric felt the need to go back to church..I was reluctant but agreed to having the Missionaries come back.. This was at least 8 years after my 1st lessons.. Something hit me like never before.. So I really knelt and prayed.. I have always loved God and Jesus, but never really had any answers.. I've always been one to look for signs from the other side, and God himself.. Once I really prayed I knew this is where I needed to be.. So July 26th 2008 I was baptized.. I had my father-n-law do the baptism, and what great joy it gave him.. Not too long after that I got called to Primary, and Was horrified.. Here it is 3 yrs later and I love those little saints more than anything.. My calling in Primary taught me so much.. Dec 28th 2010 our little family entered the Orlando Temple and where sealed for all time and Eternity.. I felt something that day that is so hard to explain ,but those whom have felt it know.. I know what I have done has been pleasing to Heavenly Father.. I have never felt something so strong, as I do about the fullness of the gospel.. I have made lifelong friends.. With the things I have learned, and the way it has made me feel and my family.. This is where everyone should be.. I know that Joseph seen the Father and the Son.. I know that he brought for the truth, and what we need to know for this life and the next.. I didn't think I would but I love LDS life

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith.. Not a day goes by where I'm not thinking or talking about the scriptures.. I see where others need the Gospel and want to help them have things that I do.. I'm not immune to life itself but knowing I never walk alone is very helpful.. Doing the things that the savior would do, brings me great joy.. Anytime I can I share the restored gospel with others.. What hurts me most is when I seen others get Baptized and fall away shortly after.. It is important to me that People are truly converted, and forever being converted to this gospel.. Everyday that goes there is something that happens that tells me this is true, and there is more to this life.. In a little over a month our daughter will turn 8.. It is her turn to be Baptized.. This time my Father-n-law gets to sit back and watch his son use his priesthood.. Since I have became a Latter-Day Saint.. I feel the need to share the gospel so much.. I know the people who knew me growing up are wondering who this new girl is.. Well this is me.. The same flower child from before just with direction, and knowledge of what I need to do for my spiritual being.. I share the gospel with my mom, and dad.. Hopefully one day they to will step into those sacred waters.. I know that with the savior by my side anything is possible.. I know that he knows how I feel and have felt. I know that when I I was scared and lonely as a child he was there.. I know that this too shall pass and as long as I hand somethings over to Heavenly Father it will be ok.. We are his children.. He does loves us and wants us to comes back to him.. He has given us what we need.. Once you know the truth how can one refuse it.. I sure cannot.. I wouldn't want to see what life would be like if I stopped giving so much to him and those around me.. I'm thankful for what the savior has done for me and you.. There is no greater love than the love of the Father and the Son

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Before this life we were all brothers and sisters.. Heavenly Father knew we needed families here on Earth to help us grow in our own ways.. We were all part of a BIG family before this life, but in this life it had to be a little different.. Heavenly Father wants families to love and care for one another.. Family is the number one thing our church is reflected on.. I learned that when I married a Mormon boy.. His family was so strange to begin with, but now that I have felt the true power of what a FAMILY living each day for Heavenly Father can do for someone and the things around them.. I strive very hard to keep my family strong, and always being filled by the gospel.. If you can't depend on your family, the ones who should know you the best, then who can you count on, right.. I have learned though the teachings of the church how important family is.. Even though I thought differently of my family growing up, I know that is where I needed to be to make me who I am today.. Because of the things I went though, I can relate to those who might not have had a "forever family" setting.. Forever Family that is what I'm making my little family here in Florida, something I dreamed about as a kid.. drama free, chaos free, but spiritually filled, spiritually driven, and an overwhelmingly amount of love and understanding... Everything that Christ is, we strive to be.. Some people look forward to a day away from the kids.. I look forward to a day WITH the kids,, Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

We do baptism for the dead because baptism is a earthly ordinance.. It is an ordinance that must be preformed by someone holding the priesthood that has the true power of God to do such sacred things.. Christ was baptized in order to set the path.. If a prefect man must be baptised then surely we do too.. We do baptisms for the dead for a simple reason.. Not everybody has received the chance to hear the gospel and except it.. We are all children of God and He wants us all to return to him.. Those that are here now, were here before us and those that come after us all deserve the chance to be with their Father in Heaven again.. It is up to us here in this life to do the work for those in the spirit world do to the fact they cannot come back and do it.. It must be done on Earth and with a body of flesh.. I've been to the temple and witnesses the awesome wonder of doing baptisms for the dead.. What a beautiful thing to do for someone I have never met, well at least in this life.. I''m beginning to do my family history and cannot wait to do baptisms for those I knew, and loved so much in this life Show more Show less