Dave: Mormon.

Hi I'm Dave

About Me

I'm married and a father of 4. I love running, mountain biking, camping, hiking, swimming - basically anything outdoors. Professionally I'm a software developer and own a small company that has a handful of employees.

Why I am a Mormon

My family is very important to me, and knowing there's a way to be together forever is very appealing and a great goal for us to always work towards. The teachings of this church have led to a lot of happiness and purpose in my life. Mormonism places a very high priority on self-reliance, education, service, responsibility, families, being an active participant in society. I love that everyone in the church is a volunteer and that people just pitch in and help instead of expecting something in return.

Personal Stories

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

My mother was killed in a car accident a few years ago. As painful as that was, my family and I received a lot of comfort because of our understanding of the plan of happiness - we know she's not gone forever, we're trying to do the things that will ensure we will be reunited with her after this life, and we know that God loves us. We don't always understand why things happen, or the timing of events in our lives, but we know that God does. We also recognize that this life is important, but it is only a tiny slice of our eternal existence.

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

Everything Jesus Christ did was motivated by love, and any time I read about Him in the scriptures, I'm struck by how much compassion and patience He has. He's so generous and caring, and He sees the best in everyone. I want to be more like that - very slow to criticize and quick to see the potential in people.

How I live my faith

I go to church each week with my family and help out however I can. The church is full of imperfect people, so I feel right at home! I draw strength and encouragement from the experiences of others, and throughout the week I try to be a good Christian.