What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Stephen

I'm a goofball from Utah. Soccer is my official blood type. I love to make others laugh. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

What about me? I'm a 19-year-old who's currently serving the Lord in the wide and beautiful land of Northeastern Colorado. I think that soccer should be named the official sport of the World and every small child should be forced to at least learn how to kick a soccer ball with their left foot (right for lefties). I love to make people laugh and have done a lot of crazy things to get someone out of a depression. I've spent my whole life in more beautiful very Northern Utah, with one year in Washington state, and plan on going to a University in Utah to study psychology after my mission.

Why I am a Mormon

At first I was a Mormon because it was what everybody else did - everyone is Mormon where I'm from! My decision to get baptized was completely mine, but I didn't really have anything else to choose from. But, with time, I studied the scriptures (the Bible and the Book of Mormon) and got to know them well. I slowly gained a testimony of my own of the Book of Mormon in how my life always seemed to be better and made more sense when I read it - it answered all of my questions about life and fit with the Bible in every way that I put it against. When I had more questions, the leadership of the church always seemed to have the answers to those too. I was finally recovering from a surgery when I read a particular verse in the Book of Mormon (Ether 12:4) that gave me hope, and I felt God's love for me. He wanted me to not be afraid of the future, so he gave me hope when I needed it most. Because of this, I know that God is always there and cares about all of his children, and is always there to help all of his children in the situations that they each individually face - he has given us prophets and apostles to speak his word in a continually changing world, to help us find the light amongst the darkness, understand the questions and doubts we face now. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is THE Church of Jesus Christ, with Christ himself as the head.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a constant example to everyone around me. I'm currently serving the community and the Lord in spreading His gospel to this part of the world in Colorado. I've given up two years of my life, holding off college, money, and family, to bring joy and hope to others in need of it for all time and eternity. That's how I live my faith.

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

Since Jesus is the Head of the Church, He is the one who chooses who will be the next prophet. He chose Joseph Smith to restore and guide his church, then told Joseph of 12 men who would help him in the work of bringing the Church to the world. When a prophet dies, the senior Apostle becomes the next prophet, and the choice of next Apostle is chosen just as Jesus' original Apostles selected Judas' replacement - through prayer of the remaining 11. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

The Bible is the word of God - it is a collection of scriptures written by prophets and apostles put into one book. The Bible tells us of Jesus' life, love, and teachings for all of us so that we may know how to return and live with Him and our Heavenly Father. The Bible takes place in Jerusalem and of the people in the Old World. In addition to the Bible, we know that God has revealed other scriptures to his apostles and prophets from the ancient Americas called the Book of Mormon. It is like the Bible in that it tells of Christ's life, love, and teachings for everyone so that we may return to live with Him and God, but to the people in the American continent, including when Christ himself visited after his resurrection and ascension in Jerusalem. Show more Show less