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Hi I'm Jim

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a husband and father, a fisherman, a snowboarder, a musician, a sports fanatic, an outdoor adventurer and a dentist. I love living in Colorado because it gives me a chance to see some of God's handiwork in the majestic mountains and great weather. My family and I absolutely love to be outdoors camping, hiking, mountain biking or just being together. It's an awesome time to be alive!

Why I am a Mormon

Every day I choose to be a Mormon. An atheist friend of mine said to me once that anyone can make themselves believe whatever they want to believe. I think that's true. Everyone has the ability to choose whatever they want to believe in, but I choose to be Mormon. I choose to be a Mormon every day because I want a church that teaches me that I can be with family for all eternity. I'm a Mormon because I want to belong to a church with Christ at its head. I'm a Mormon because the gospel in this church makes sense. I'm a Mormon because it's a religion that requires real faith. I'm a Mormon because I am in love with knowing that God still reveals, still lives, and still performs miracles. But most of all, I'm a Mormon because it's true.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith first in my home. My wife and I have made the commitment that we're going to have family night at least once a week where we sing with our kids, pray with our kids and have gospel discussions with our kids. My wife and I have also made a commitment to read the scriptures together as a couple every day and to have a kneeling prayer together twice a day. Doing these things is the most important way I can live my faith because the leaders of nations are raised first in the home. I also serve in my local church by teaching in the children's organization. I have a class of 9-11 year olds who I teach about the teachings of Christ. I try to teach them the gospel in a way that will make sense to their minds and will impress on them the testimony of the Savior. I also teach the 11-year old scouts and teach them how to be real men, to use their minds for creative leadership and social responsibility. I served a mission to Montana where I taught the gospel and performed community service work for a period of 2 years. Locally my family and I try to give back to the community in ways that will be meaningful for my kids. The most important way that I live my faith is by being a good husband and a good father. I won't say I'm always perfect or that I feel successful every day, but as a father I feel I'm leading my family with my wife in the right direction, and luckily, we have more success than failures.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

I believe that one of the greatest aspects in the Church is that the clergy isn't paid. If you think about it, a paid clergy may become reliant on others for their temporal welfare. This may influence a paid clergy member to teach doctrines that may be watered down or politically slanted in order to appease the largest charitable contributors within his church. I love the Mormon church for this reason, because every member has a chance and maybe even a duty to contribute time, talents and energy to the furthering of the Kingdom of God. Because nobody is paid, the only driving force behind the teachings in the church is the Spirit of God. If the Holy Spirit influences the prophet of the church or a bishop of a local congregation, he does not have to be afraid to say whatever the Lord wants him to say because the opinions of other members does not affect his position or his livelihood. In addition, charitable service is one of the strongest evidences of Christlike service. Christ was not paid for his service as a teacher or as the redeemer of the world, and if we're striving to be like Christ and if we are to be judged by the fruits of our labors, charitable service without thought for compensation is the only true way to serve. In fact, we can come closer to Christ by serving as he did, free of charge, because we can develop Christlike motivation for service--a motivation of love for others and not for financial stability. Show more Show less