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Hi I'm Ricci Patterson-Hamblin

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a blessed mother of 5. Nadine is my oldest daughter and child. She was just sealed in the Oakland Temple to her sweetheart Sam. It was a blessed day for all of us. My oldest son TJ came home from his 2 year Mission in Independece, Mo. (He claims Kansas for the fact that is where most of his time was spent). Our youngest daughter Christina is married and lives in California with her husband Brandon. Christopher is our middle son, he is currently serving his mission in Eugene, Or. Our youngest son Dallas is about to turn 14 and just started 8th grade. My husband Chris and our youngest son Dallas are the only 2 in our family that are NOT converts to the church. My husbands family is blessed with a rich church history on both sides of his lineage. I have the priveledge of creating my own history with the church. I am currently in Young Womens and love my girls so much! They are each so individual and awesome. This has always been one of my favorite callings.

Why I am a Mormon

2000 characters to say this in??? I am "Mormon" because I know this is the true church. I served faithfully in the Baptist Church for many years. I was a single mother with 2 children. I had my kids in a private Baptist School, I went to a private Baptist college. I knew I loved Jesus with all my heart, I knew he was real, I knew that he loved me and my family. My two children knew this also. I met a single father with three children he was raising. He was raised "Mormon" but stopped going to church at age 14. His three children had not been baptized yet. They were 11, 9 and 3. We were married and it always bothered me that the three younger children were not baptized. I wanted them to know about Jesus and all that he had/has done for us. I talked to my new husband about baptizing my three new children. He wanted to start to go back to the LDS church. I thought this was very unfair. I had been active in my church for years. I wanted them to be baptized "Baptist". One day the Missionaries showed up at our door. We had been in contact with the Bishop in our area. We had assumed he sent them to our house. We asked that they give the dissucssions to the three younger kids. By the time they got around to the third disscussion, the two older kids were sitting in and listening. my oldest son came to me and asked if he could be baptized in this church. He didnt want me to be mad at him for this. He was 14 at the time. We continued to go to church and by the end of the year, myself, Nadine, TJ, Christina and Christopher had all been baptized. It was the longest road for me. It has been 8 years now and I have to say......I love my church. I am so thankful that my son gave me a glimpse into having a testimony of Joseph Smith. That a boy of 14 could be searching for the true church. That he also picked up where my husband stopped. To see our Daughter married in the temple and our two oldest sons go on their mission, has been beyond words for us as parents.

How I live my faith

About 3 years ago I was asked to give a talk in church about Majorie Page Hinkley. One of our Prophets wife. I use to grumble about having time to do my callings. I had great excuses about why I was TOO busy for many things. When I read a book about this amazing woman, she gave so much...including her husband to all of us. She stated she never remembered sitting next to him during Church because he always had callings either in the Bishopric or away. She said someone asked her once "you either believe Joseph Smith had a vision and if he did, you give all your time, resources and engry to help fulfill that vision. If not then you are participating in a big hoax." I decidied after reading that....I would give as much as I could to this church. The people of our church are not perfect..so please dont go by that....but our church is perfect!! I was given a challange by my first Bishop, that I go to church for 4 weeks...every hour! and if I didnt feel different after 4 weeks, he would never ask me to come back. My life changed at the end of those four weeks. I am a better Mother, a better wife and a better person. I credit the church for the relationship my children have with one another. We were a blended family and we came together so great! There was peace that had settled in our family and is here today. I challange you to go to an LDS church for all three hours on a Sunday, for four weeks. You life WILL change.