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Hi I'm Jennifer

I'm a Mormon. I was adopted and grew up in the military, traveling the country and meeting all kinds of people that I loved.

About Me

I am living my life dream of being a mother. I have 3 children and a husband who I consider like my oldest child sometimes. I have a college degree in Family Science and Psychology. I have used this to raise my children and psychoanalyze my husband! I love life and people. Life is an adventure and as I have traveled the world I stand in awe of the beauty that God created for all of us to enjoy. As an infant I was adopted by a loving family that were Mormons and they raised me in this faith and in the military as my adoptive father served for 20 years. They taught me about God and how to love people the way He does. Two years ago I found through miraculous means and years of searching my birthparents who are amazing people. Their families and my adoptive family have embraced each other and the gift of being reunited. We are from different backgrounds both in upbringing and religion and yet we all recognize the Hand of God in our lives and in bringing us together at this time. "Family" has taken on new depth and importance. This has given me a sense of wholeness and gratitude for the beautiful life and possibilities that are mine because of the goodness of the Lord.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was raised in the LDS faith, my parents encouraged me to seek out truth on my own as I grew and matured. I investigated other religions with my friends in high school and enjoyed learning and finding the common truths in all the different religions. As long as I attended my church services and activities, my parents gladly let me hear the word of God with my friends! My friends also attended my services and activities without any pressure. This proved to be a great strength in our friendships and it also strengthened my own testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ as it was taught in the LDS church. I would pray and ask with an open mind and heart to feel, recognize, and hear truth. The Spirit confirmed some truth in each religion, but I found the fullness in the LDS faith. I have raised my own children to ask and search for themselves. Because of this, my oldest child chose to serve a fulltime mission and just left for Argentina. Because of my birth and adoption circumstances, I have asked the Lord if it was by accident or by design that I was taught and heard the gospel as a child. God has told me it is all part of His plan for me because throughout my life I have had a knowledge that God is real and He loves me. I know I have a Redeemer, Jesus Christ who atoned for my sins and knows me by name. All He has done and continues to do in my behalf is out of love. He has this same love for all of His children and invites them to come to Him. Over and over again the scriptures are replete with God extending his hand to us. Inviting, pleading, imploring, reminding, but never forcing himself upon us to accept him. The only thing we can give the Lord that He does not possess is our will. That is the only true offering we can place on our heart's alter. It's a daily decision to choose to accept Him and all that that entails--His atonement and my repentance, His infinite love and my discipleship. I'm a Mormon because I choose to be and because it brings me joy.

How I live my faith

I love people and participating in all aspects of the community. I am on the Social Committee in my neighborhood welcoming new families and planning events to bring us together. I love nature and the outdoors. I volunteer at my children's schools and go on field trips encouraging learning and fun. I perform in musicals and vocal performance events for entertainment and church gatherings. I support worthwhile causes in my community that affect all of us and our standard of living. I work with the women's organization in our church and ladies from various backgrounds--single, divorced, older, younger, mothers, and childless, those who actively attend church, and those who do not want to attend. I am able to visit and teach all the women in a large area that attend 8 different congregations. What I have found is that our diversity is what gives our church and the women's organization (Relief Society) it's richness and unity. We are all trying to do our best with where we are at and we try to center our lives on Jesus Christ. We help each other because we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We are women of faith, hope, and charity despite the many challenges that face us all. I believe that you live your faith by being genuine and sincere in all your interactions with all people. Sometimes you have to correct things that you wish you had done differently, but even that can be done with a true and honest heart. Everyone I meet knows that I have something special in my life. It is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.