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Hi I'm Joseph

I've been both a sailor and a soldier. I've been wounded while serving my country and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The thing about me is that I'm happy. I was once a sailor, a submariner to be precise, but I gave it up in order to spend time with my family. Although we left that life, we stayed with the military by way of the Army National Guard where we were deployed to Iraq within a year of me leaving the navy. After injuries sustained over there stopped me, I have had more time to my family. For the first time I witnessed the birth of one of my children, whereas before I had usually arrived home months later. I will admit there are times when there are difficulties such as when I have a seizure or hurt so bad that I don't want to move, but we have adapted and grown closer. Now that I can walk (sometimes without my cane), I do things such as walk the older kids to school or do crosswalk with my daughter with her at one street and me at another. It not much of a life compared to others, I know, but even though I move slowly and sometimes hurt so much that I just wish to stop, my wife and children are with me, giving me strength rather than just being a picture in my wallet and a well worn letter as they were before, growing older in pictures.

Why I am a Mormon

The reason I am a Mormon is simple. When I was young I always knew God. As a teenager, I decided to look for him in a church but sadly I was failing. After several churches and bible studies, I couldn't find anything to stop this urging within my to search for God. Finally a friend of mine that lived two doors down asked me if I wanted to go to church with him in Ipswich (as we lived in Woodbridge). When I walked through the doors a comfort fell over me telling me that my search was over. When the missionaries came to teach me, I knew most of what they taught already and was baptized as soon as could. You see the buildings of churches are not significant. Some churches I went to were glorious in size and stature others were plain. Its the message on the inside. So many today take the Voltaire route in believing that we have a watchmaker God, who set things in motion and then let it run its course but I tell you that the Lord is the same the today, yesterday, and will be tomorrow. If you just read and pray about what you read, you to will know this. The old testament is the great introduction to Christ. The New Testament is Christ's works and those of his apostles in Israel and so forth. The book of Mormon is another testament of Christ by those who left Israel prior to Babylon till their own demise due to their own iniquity. I know this because I have done so and I urge you to do the same. These things I testify to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

In order to live my faith I try and go out as much as can to teach the gospel of Christ. As a ward missionary, it involves meeting new people and teaching them about Christ and the hope that he gives us. For if you have hope, faith is not far behind. Another way is something my family and I do together as part of the Family Promise plan. Our church has teamed up with 22 other churches in this valley to shelter the homeless families. One church will house and the other will provide comfort and food to those being sheltered. My wife and I are among those who feed and comfort, having our children play with theirs, listening to their woes and being their friends. This is a great blessing to our family as we have been given an opportunity to give back to our community on a personal level. The other ways I have to exercise my faith is by visiting those members in my ward as a hometeacher. This requires me and my companion to check up on members to see if they and their families are okay both spiritually and temporally. You find yourself praying for these members as they become extensions of your own family, with their worries becoming yours and their problems a challenge for all to overcome. To top all that off, I also teach a Sunday school class every so often to make things interesting.