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Hi I'm Jascha

I'm a Mormon, and luckily have been all my life. Love it!

About Me

I grew up number 10 in a family of 14; I love having a massive family, there was always something to do growing up. I particularly love sport of just about any kind, soccer, footy, cricket were the favourites as a kid. I later got into bboying/breakdancing with my younger siblings, and later some nephews as well, which is also great fun. I'm currently working as a building labourer until I get to leave beautiful Australia and get to go serve a mission for the church in what I'm hopeing (and pretty certain) will be beautiful Calafornia. There's not really much else I can say for myself at the moment because I just can't wait to get out there and start serving other children of God and bringing them the gospel as taught by Jesus Christ, and through following that gospel, happiness.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church but had to learn for myself that it's true. I went to a Christian school of another denomonation and through a long process of involvment in discussions with others, I learnt that I was convinved that I wasn't 100% convinced either way (their faith or Mormon faith). I decided that I needed to know which was true and I wasn't near being able to figure it out myself, so I needed God's help. So I started reading a lot of the Bible and some of the Book of Mormon as well, and praying at least morning and night. I decided I would pray about the other faith first, as it seemed to me more likely they were correct. So one night I read my scriptures, prayed about it for a good while, felt a peace that they were good people involved, but that their church wasn't God's church. After this I read my scriptures some more and then went to sleep. The next day I couldn't stop thinking about praying at night and finding out if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) is really true, and all day there was certainly a prayer in my heart to know. So that night I read my scriptures again, and then prayed about it. As I prayed I just knew. I'm currently thinking of a better way to explain it, but I can't, I just knew/know. I felt the Spirit so strongly and so certainly that it was just undenyable. At the time I was only an 11 year old boy. Something that I've later gained from that experience is that if God is willing to show truth to a 11 year old boy that's willing to learn, it's not like He'll deny the truth from anyone else if they are willing to find it. I'll just end by saying that I have a great love for my Saviour Jesus Christ and am trying to increase my love and understanding of what He has done for me, everyday. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is where He would want me to be, and through prophets I am able to grow closer to my Father in Heaven who I know loves me and wants me to have ultimate happiness.

How I live my faith

Our whole faith is about following Christ so first and foremost that's what I try and do. I try and be a true friend to those that are in need of one. We all have pain,worries and dramas in our lives, and true friends really do help us to see the good in life, and save us from our own self-pity. The other thing I try and do is bring people to the church and their Saviour. Christ is the only one with the capacity to take away all our guilt and pain, He really is the ultimate friend. So perhaps I should say that to be the best friend and member of Christ's church that I can be, I simply try and introduce people to the best friend that I have (Jesus Christ). I also make sure my daily life is in check and that I'm doing the little things- reading my scriptures, praying, taking time out to be with my family etc, all the sorts of things Heavenly Father would have me doing.

Are Mormons Christians?

Sure are. The actual name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, His name is even the centre of our name as followers of Him. The Book of Mormon is all about Christ. Everything done in the church is only possible or of any use to the world because of Christ. As members we do our best to follow Christ who is the ultimate example of what's right. Show more Show less