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Hi I'm Darrel

I'm a Mormon, living in beautiful Colorado with my wonderful family.

About Me

I build roads. Rather, I help the way for new construction. As a project manager I am involved in lots of regulation and red tape. I have always liked to see things happen, and so I thoroughly enjoy watching a new project break ground. I sometimes get asked, well how long does that take. It surprises most when I say between 5 and 10 years right now. Then I get asked how long will it take to turn around the housing and commercial construction industry... I say about 5 to 10 years. Aside from my building hobby, I spend a lot of time with our 5 children. They range from 1 year to 13 years. I am reminded everyday how outnumbered I am since my only other male companion is the 1 year old. No, that was not our reason to have him, it just worked out that way. When I can get a break, which is few and far in-between for the current season, I spend my time outdoors. I have always been exited about the mountains and what they have to offer. Side note, I am a native to the rocky mountains yet I am not able to ski. Yep, I am told that's just not right all the time. I guess it has never been at the top of the list, and I do spend a lot of time checking off other activities on my list.

Why I am a Mormon

In the early years of my life, I can honestly say I knew of religion, but yet had not encountered the concept of religion head on. I drifted in the moment like I think so many of us do. Then a series of experiences began to unfold, and which led me to question the matter of this religion idea further. One night driving home to an apartment I shared with two other room-mates, while coming to an intersection I realized to late the light was red and I did not stop in time. In a split second I felt as thought something kept me completely calm, and despite my instinct to slam on the breaks, it was as if I froze in the moment and coasted through to the other side of the road. I calmly made it back to my apartment and politely excused myself to my room. There I hit the floor on my knees. I knew my god had helped me and preserved me and that I needed to discover that purpose. Later I was engaged in a relationship and for all those familiar reasons to us all it was not going to work. I again had an ah-ha moment. I felt this un-yielding desire to know god and understand his purpose for me in this life. I discovered the church through my wonderful wife whom I met several years after. I found her dedication to her faith compelling to say the least. While still dating I secretly started attending a church near my home. I had settled in my mind that if we were to continue our relationship I must know for myself what if anything was true about her church. It did not take long for a lot of the questions I had for years to melt away. I gained a deep appreciation for the simple message of the restored gospel. It was what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it. As I understood god to this point it fit the pattern for my life and I would soon receive the divine witness from the holy spirit leading me forward to accomplish his great work. Sneaking my way into a few church meetings helped me to make some of the most important decisions in my life.

How I live my faith

Currently I serve as a councilor in the Bishopric of the Henderson Ward. We have a great Bishop. I spend my time supporting his efforts to lead the many facets of the ward family. I have a passion for seeing our youth succeed. I get to spend a lot of my time supporting our youth leaders in their efforts to strengthen our youth.