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Hi I'm Grant

I love my fiancé, tasty food, ping pong & interesting ideas. I work in HR operations at Google. And yes, I too am a Mormon.

About Me

I recently graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah and moved to San Jose, California to begin my first full-time job at Google. I travel a lot because my fiancé still lives in Utah. We'll be getting married in 5 weeks! When I am not working or sitting in an airport terminal, I like to read/talk about world issues, try new restaurants, pretend I am good at ping pong, and spend time outside.

Why I am a Mormon

In 1820, there was a young man named Joseph Smith who had an important question. He wanted to know which church was true so he could join it. He was religious and believed that God would answer his question if he asked in faith. He prayed sincerely and God and Jesus Christ appeared to him. They told him that he shouldn’t join any church because many of the precious truths that Jesus Christ taught had been lost or diluted after centuries. Instead, God and Jesus Christ called Joseph Smith to be a prophet (like Abraham, Noah, Moses). Through Joseph Smith, God restored knowledge about the plan of salvation, which is centered on Christ’s Atonement and fulfilled through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, forgiveness, baptism, the holy spirit, and endurance in God’s way. Joseph Smith organized the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth again. It is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Mormon because I sincerely believe that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or the Mormon Church) is the true church of God on the earth today. I believe that Jesus Christ leads the Church. Like Joseph Smith, you probably have questions. Maybe you are searching for meaning in this life or perhaps you’re concerned about your friends, family, job, or personal worth. You may want peace, hope or security in a world of shifting values. You can follow the same pattern that Joseph Smith used to have God answer you. That’s what I did. I asked God in sincere prayer and he answered me in love. I continue to find answers to these and other important questions by being a member of the Mormon church.

How I live my faith

Living my faith provides relief from the stress and bustle of life. When the Savior invited others to labor and take his yoke upon them, he promised them that they would find rest unto their souls. It almost seems paradoxical though, right? I mean, how could I possibly be relieved from the busyness of life by taking on even more responsibilities? As illogical as it might appear, it is so true. True. True. True. I feel most strengthened and relieved when I try to strengthen and alleviate others’ burdens. Okay, so maybe I am not always physically rested per se. As a young working professional in a long distance relationship, I don't exactly always get a lot of sleep! But I do find another type of rest as I serve in my local community. It is an inner sense of peace which produces hope. I currently tutor children not of our faith in math and science. I try to volunteer for about any responsibility in my church congregation as well. I tend to enjoy teaching classes, visiting friends that are struggling, and helping with large scale service projects the most.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is scripture. Like the Bible, it is a record of the dealings of God with the ancient inhabitants of the earth. It teaches about God's love, faith in Jesus Christ, repentance and forgiveness, baptism and many other fundamental truths of the gospel. The major difference between it and the Bible is that the Book of Mormon was written on the American continent. Despite the difference in location, the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and his divinity. It testifies of God's love for ALL of his children and the role of Christ as the savior of the WHOLE world. In it, special witnesses of the Savior called prophets recorded their experiences with God for many years. Perhaps the most glorious recording in the Book of Mormon depicts the visit of the Savior to the inhabitants of the Americas shortly after His Resurrection. Like he did in Jerusalem, the Savior heals both physical and spiritual maladies. The people apply his teachings and have peace for hundreds of years. The Book of Mormon is a powerful tool that strengthens the faith of all those who read it, meditate its message, and pray sincerely about its truthfulness. Those who do so will come to know, as I, that Jesus is the Christ, that He has established His kingdom on the earth, and that prophets lead us today. I implore you to read it for yourself! Show more Show less