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Hi I'm Edward Koeppel

I'am a Convert to the church, and son and a husband and a father and a grand father and I love my family and, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in northern California. We were very poor and lived away from the small town called Mountain Gate. We had no running water or bathroom in the very small house we lived in. The bathroom was an out house; it was cold. There was a spring on the place where we lived and we carried our water to the house. We had to cut our fire wood and stack it for the winter. I had to walk three miles to catch the school bus. I graduated from high school and was drafted into the U.S. Army. The draft at that time was for two years. They taught me to be a heavy equipment mechanic. The Cuban crisis came along about the time I was susposed to get out and the Army decided to keep me another 2 years, so I spent four years instead of two. When I got out of the army I found a job as a mechanic and was offered an apprenticeship as an Electrican. The apprentice was for four years and I completed it. I was introduced to my wife by a mutal friend ,we were were married after a short courtship. She taught me the gospel and I eventully joined the church. We now have three sons and seven grand children. We love them all. Now I'am a high priest and love the Lord and we are active and looking forward to a mission. My Heavenly Father has helped us a lot over the years and I thank him every day for all that he has done for us. We live in washington state now and we are retired but busy with grand children and volunteer work for some folks that need it. I thank our heavenly farther daily.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a poor, disfunctional home. Our house consisted of two rooms. A small cooking room and a room with a wood stove in it. We would heat our water for baths on the wood stove, pour the water into the round tin tub so we could wash. This was very embarassing for me. My mother and Father divorced when I was very young, so my father was never involved in my life. My mother remarried soon after her divorce. We lived in the country and had little access to activites out of school. We worked on weekends and evenings cutting wood with a cross cut saw. We also had a very rocky road that was several miles long, which we had to use picks; shovels to remove big rocks to keep the tires on the car from getting torn up. We were always kept busy with chores. No tv, telephone or any other source of communication. My step father was unable to read or write. He was very strict with my brother and I. When I was 16 years old, I came home from school, saw a trunk at the front door of the house, My Mom; step father;and all things were gone from the house. My dog, and my few clothes, were in the trunk. Now my life had a big change. God had a plan for me. My life was in HIS hands. I had come to a turning and growing point in my life. After my time in the Army, I met Elaine. She taught me about God, and I learned that HE knows me. I learned that he was with me though all that I had been through. This turning point was devastating to me, but through God helping me, I was able to learn of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I joined the church and continued to study and read His word and strenghten my knowledge of HIM. And through many hours of prayer I learned that God is real and is there for me. Since I chose to have him with me. My heavenly father has blessed me with a family that loves me and respects me. My heavenly Father has guided me through many trials, and I have learned to trust him in all things. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am a home teacher. A home teacher is a person who calls on different families to see if they have needs that we can help with. I have the opportunity with my wife to help as a family history consultant. We help people who are working on their family history and Geneology to help people find members of their family who have passed away. I am retired and enjoy helping people with home projects, such as, remodeling, electrical work and all sorts of other jobs. I seem to stay very busy most of the time. These things I have worked at for many years. I have a brother who wants to learn about the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. We are attending meetings with him every sunday. He is very interested to Learn of Jesus Christ and we enjoy helping him. Our ward has a lot of activities such as, pot luck dinners and dances and opportunities to help others. We like to do these as they are fun. We are learning about being prepared for an emergency when we may not have electricty or other things that we take for granted. We are learning how to store our food and how to store water and other important things for our survial in a real bad situtation. We learn through the church how to sustain ourselves and our family members in a time of real need. We have been taking care of our youngest son's and his wife's children to help them while they are working. We love them dearly. The grandchildern are starting school now so we will have more time to do a local mission. The mission is helping in the church cannery with running the canning equipment. The church has a place for the members and people in the communitiy to go and can their fresh fruits and vegetables to be prepared for the time of great need for these things. We are looking forward to this new calling. We say that this is a calling because we are asked if we can donate our time in this place to help. We enjoy going to the temple, which is a place of peace, and prayer, and meditation.