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Hi I'm Auli

My life started in Finland, but I live and work in Colorado now. I create experiences for living. And I'm a lifetime Mormon.

About Me

I imagine doing dumpster diving. I like free stuff and other people's junk. That's because I enjoy creating things. Especially if it's with things that others discarded but I can imagine using. Someday. For something new. My family isn't too excited about the junk I haul home sometimes... I see things in craft stores or tv shows and think, "I could do that." Sometimes things work out, but a lot of times, you can see an amateur's touch in the end results. It doesn't matter. I enjoy the process. The creativity. The discovery. And trying to create something myself instead of going to the store and just buying something ready. I'm afraid of losing or hurting my hands. Not being able to use them. I worry about burning them when I cook for my family. I'm scared of cutting them. I treasure handmade things. Throughout my life, my hands have brought much joy to me. And I'd like to think, to others, too. I've used them to create music. To create art (in the broadest sense of the word...). I use them to create gifts and cards. To massage tired shoulders or feet of my husband. To braid my daughter's hair. To type up a letter to a friend far away. To pick up 'junk' from the side of the road. To knit a scarf for Christmas. Or to send a text to let my daughter know I love her. I hope to use my hands for good. As a wife and a mother. As a daughter, sister, aunt, grand-daughter. As an employee. As a friend. As a daughter of God. As the Lord's handmaiden.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother joined the Mormon church before I was born. I grew up Mormon and learned to live my life like other Mormons did. My father baptized me when I was eight years old. And I was actively involved in all activities throughout my life. In school, I tried to fit in with my classmates. I didn't tell about my religious beliefs. Maybe it was fear of being different and not fitting in. But they knew that I wasn't like them. In high school, I was able to share about the church during a religion class. My friends told me that they knew I was different but they didn't know why. Now they did - and they respected my beliefs and standards. It wasn't always like that. There were a lot of misconceptions and wrong information about our church. Mormons were not always treated well. But it was during those tough times that I started to realize what I really had. I was a member of THE Church of Jesus Christ. Unlike my classmates around me, I knew who I was, why I am alive, and what happens after death. I had something eternal that anchored me during my years of seeking to know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to live, what I wanted to become. I always returned to Church, knowing that it was where I belonged, because of how I felt about ME when I was there. And because I know who I am, what I can become and Who is there to help me along the way, I'm still a Mormon. Being a Mormon goes beyond cultural borders or nationalities. I'm a Mormon wherever I am or live, whether I'm a Finn or an American. Whatever language I speak. It is my heritage, my upbringing, my bloodline and the legacy I want to leave for my daughter.

How I live my faith

I create experiences for living. What it really means is, I plan events. Big ones, small ones. Most of them involve invitations, food and rentals. Some of them involve alcohol. And some of them happen on Sundays. I've been fortunate enough to work with people who respect the fact that I don't drink or work on Sundays. I need others' help at work in figuring out what "alcoholic beverages" to order. I'm a lost cause when it comes to all that... I start my mornings by reading the scriptures, mostly the Book of Mormon. I try to start my days the right way so that I remember Who I want to emulate. Throughout the week, I spend some time preparing for Sundays. I play the organ at our congregation on Sundays. (Like most of my 'creative efforts,' it leaves something to the imagination - and to improvement!) So on Saturdays, I practice the hymns so at least I have an idea of what the people might hear when I hit the keys. I also spend time reading through, pondering and preparing a Gospel lesson which I will then share with a small class of 8-year-olds. They are an interesting bunch! Full of energy, odd questions (and answers) and sincere spirits. I enjoy them! And together, we've learned so much about the life of Jesus Christ this year and how we can be more like Him. I also try to continue the work that my mother started in researching our family roots. Like I said, I was born in Finland. My family, my roots, my heritage is 100 percent Finnish. (Except for a Scottish sailor back in the 1500s - or so the story goes.) It is so cool to know I'm part of this huge web of people and their lives! Someday, I'll get to meet them. :) Through my activities in the Church, I've gotten to know some wonderful women. One of them, I have never met. But I feel like I know her. She's my Gospel sister and I want her to know that. I write to her every month and tell about my life, my struggles and my desire to see her in Church someday. I hope that happens.