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Hi I'm Meredith

"Scientific American" is the best magazine EVER. I'm into extreme-geeking with theoretical physics, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Nice to meet you, my Dear Random Stranger Person! I’m 18, and heading off to college to study astrophysics. Why? Because I’m insane. And speaking of insanity, I’m now going to try to sum up ME in 1500 characters. You’d best get comfortable. May I offer you a nice can of caffeine-free, Mormon-friendly root beer? I have two loves: Comprehension and Creation. On the rare occasions when these combine, I am simply bouncing off the walls with giddiness. Does this hurt the walls? Sure. But what's a little drywall, really? Please have some more root beer. Comprehension is why I adore physics. That moment when the light suddenly just clicks on… there’s nothing better than that. And if it turns out to be wrong—? No big deal! You pick yourself up, dust off your calculator, and move on. And if you think I’m done with the root beer joke already, my Dear Random Stranger Person, you are sorely mistaken. My second and equally passionate love is Creation. I write music (piano/vocal/computerized), novels (REALLY complex fantasy), and humor essays, and I am also deeply involved in art/invention of all kinds (including some Physics theories of my own; probably wrong, but hey). Lack of ideas? Not an issue. More root beer? Sure. My eternal fantasy is to be able to take these two things, comprehension and creation, and get to the level where everything melts into one universal and elegant art. It’s obviously a rather lofty goal. Hence the word “eternal.” Good thing I’ve got an eternity!

Why I am a Mormon

This section is actually for discussing serious stuff, so I need to be a bit more serious in my writing. You know this will be hard for me, my Dear Random Stranger Person, but I’m going to give it my best shot. A shot of root beer! Har! Okay, last root beer joke. Really. I like logic. I like understanding things. Frankly, it drives me crazy if I don’t. That’s why I’m into science, and the Endless Pursuit of Making Everything Fit. I'm not pretending to be some sort of genius, but I do consider myself to be a fairly intelligent and logical person. And quite frankly? The doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Mormons makes more sense to me than any other religion/philosophy I’ve encountered. As beautiful and fascinating as science is, it can only go so far. As a scientific-type person, I’m trying to figure out the HOW. Problem is, though, science can never truly address the WHY. All the theories and data in the world can’t tell me WHY the universe works the way it does. With Christ’s gospel, it all makes sense. The scriptures and the words of the prophets reveal a real purpose behind everything. They testify of our Heavenly Father’s plan for us, His children. They testify of Christ. Every time I open up the scriptures or study the words of the prophets, the doctrine goes deeper. That, in and of itself, is an intellectual testimony of its truth. The science fits together. The history fits together. The language structure fits together. It just works. But it’s not only the intellectual side of the gospel that attracts me to the Mormon faith. No, there’s more to it than that. I’ve felt the presence of the Spirit. I know I have. To be scientific about it, one test is worth an infinite number of expert opinions and theories. If my life is the test, it’s pretty fair to say that the data concludes that the Church of Jesus Christ MUST be true. And that’s with zero percent error. I need things to make sense. I’m a Mormon.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? Wonderful question, my Dear Random Stranger Person! Basically, I follow the standards given to us by our prophets, which you can see on the main page of this website, under “Our Values.” Because I’ve grown up with them, they’re not really very hard for me. I’ll list some of the things I do right here. I keep my mind in shape. I don’t watch movies that glorify immorality or violence, I don’t use profanity (I like to think I’m smarter than that), and I study the scriptures, so I can learn more of Heavenly Father’s will, as revealed through his prophets. I like to use pink highlighter to do this (entire sections of my scriptures are pink). I also read "Scientific American." Because it ROCKS. I keep my body in shape. I don’t mean that I’m a weight-lifter or anything; I’m a weakling in the gym. But I don’t use drugs, alcohol, coffee, or tea, and I try to avoid caffeine, which is fine with me because I still have root beer. I wear clothing that covers my shoulders, torso, and thighs (unless I’m swimming, or the like). I don’t abuse prescription drugs. I have one piercing in each ear, and no tattoos, because that would look really stupid on me anyway. Oh, and I keep my pants zipped. Mormons practice abstinence. (I have NEVER had a pregnancy scare. Granted, I’ve also never had sex. Still, YAY ME!) I keep my spirit in shape. I don’t lie or cheat, I give10% of my income to the Church, and I pray a LOT. I try to remember Christ in all that I do, so that I’ll treat other people like he would, and when I mess up, I repent. I go to Church for 3 hours on Sundays, and regularly attend other churchy-type things throughout the week. In high school, I went to seminary at 6:00 AM, Mon-Fri. (Yes, I was a zombie at 6:00 AM. But we all were zombies, so none of us cared.) I also believe in service, and regularly tutor physics and math for free. (I have a few characters left! And sorry, I totally lied about the root-beer-jokes-being-done thing. YAY ROOT BEER!!!)