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Hi I'm Charles Stanford (STAN) Olson

I love politics, travel and am not interested in sports. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have traveled in Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Caribbean and South Africa. I have studied and or speak English, Danish, German, Russian and Spanish; some better than others. I have a Bachelors in Political Science and an MBA in International Management. My wife is the most important person in my life and spending time with her is my top priority. I am developing a business that will allow us to spend more time together, travel abroad yearly, and find ways to be of service to more people and in more places. We have no children of our own but have adopted other people's children in the church and out. We now enjoy visiting with our "kids" in many parts of the world and country. Imagine, all of the perks and none of the responsibilities.

Why I am a Mormon

Like, Nephi, I am pursing the quest of seeing and understanding the Gospel through diligent study, prayer and practice. I have spent time away from the Church and the Gospel and feel that was time wasted. It taught me that without the Gospel, there is nothing of value; as we read in the Old Testament, "nothing new under the sun". As I read and study the Gospel, I am finding new and dynamic truths that I would have forever missed had I not made the conscious choice to return and immerse myself in the Gospel. I thank my beautiful wife for her strength and example and want to always live worthy of being her eternal companion.

How I live my faith

I was diagnosed with a sudden onset of Guillen Barre', in April of 2007. I was heavy on my feet on Friday and asked my wife to slow down, during a walk through the neighborhood. Saturday morning, i was unsteady on my feet, walking down the hall and unable to get up from the coach without my wife's help. We called the Bishop, home teachers and family to let them know there was a problem. The Bishop and 2 faithful home teachers arrived and gave me a Priesthood blessing. My wife drove me to the emergency room and there was no one waiting in the waiting area and no one in the exam rooms. When was the last time you saw this in any emergency room?! The ER doc indicated he knew why I was having these problems, as a young woman had come to the hospital, 3 weeks earlier with the same complaints and was still in the ICU being treated with Guillen Barre'. Neither of us had heard of this ailment, so while the doctor and staff were taking a sample of spinal fluid, my wife was given a "Google Search Summary" of possible disease outcomes. We were both drawn to the worst possible outcome, death or paraplegia!! By Saturday evening, I could not longer move my limbs and had to depend on others to move me, feed me and clean me...humbling to say the least. Family and friends fasted and prayed for me and by Sunday, the disease's progression had halted. By Tuesday morning, I could move my 2 index fingers together and touch them. Within 3 weeks, I was fully recovered and back at work. We tell everyone that it was the fasting and prayer that made the rapid recovery possible as the young woman, who preceded me into the ICU was leaving the ICU as I left the hospital. Others, we have met, who suffered from this disease indicated they recovered in months to a year, some never fully recovered. My wife and I recognized the Lord's hand in this entire experience and tell people that miracles have not ceased in modern times.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Charles Stanford (STAN) Olson
The Bible is the word of God. The Old Testament is the testament of Christ's coming while the New Testament is the testimony of his ministry and role as Savior of the World. Both indicate the mission and purpose of Christ and are not to be seen as two separate and distinct prophetic writings. Linked, they show that Christianity was from the beginning of the world's creation and there is no demarcation of when Christianity began; it always has been in existence. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Charles Stanford (STAN) Olson
The Gospel has always taught that sexual activity, of any kind, outside of the marital pattern, established with Adam and Eve, is wrong. The Earth was created by Our Father In Heaven, as a means of helping us, His Children, return to Him, He gave us the directions whereby we can accomplish this. These directions are called commandments. Throughout the Old Testament this same message is repeated, that homosexuality and other sexual sins should not be practiced. In the New Testament, Christ is confronted by the religious leaders who brought to him a woman, caught in adultery. They demanded that she be stoned as she had been"caught in the very act". When Jesus stated, He who is without sin cast the first stone" convicted those men that they were as guilty as the woman. When the men left, Christ, said, "go and sin no more." This is his injunction to all of us, The pattern for for people to follow is that of a man and a woman marrying, bearing children, whenever possible, and developing a strong family. This is the fundamental building block of all societies. Whenever this pattern is not followed, there are sociological, emotional and spiritual repercussions. Members of the Mormon Church invite others to "come and see" the Gospel, and what it can do in everyone's lives. When sociological mores and practices conflict with conflict with the Lord's commandments, we must speak out against the practices while attempting to rescue the individuals ensnared in the sins. Show more Show less