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Hi I'm Allen Brown

I'm just an average guy. Husband, father, and grandfather to three wonderful grandkids.I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a retired truck driver(30 yrs) and live in Idaho with my wife of 43yrs. My wife and I met in London while I was serving in the military. We now live next door to our son, his wife, and our three grandkids. My Mother lives next door to them. Four generations on about 6 acres in the country (the Lord has blessed us well). My hobbies are hunting, fishing (fly fishing mostly), and the three grandkids. I love to read, and the winters in Idaho give me plenty of opportunity to do just that. I enjoy being in the coutry and watching the seasons change the color of the trees. I get involved with the youth groups when I can. Boy Scouts, and young women's camps. I usually just help to tranport equipment to and from the camps, but it is fun to help the kids be kids in a good, and safe environment.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church, and was raised by parents that were active in church service. Many say that "it is easy for you, you were raised Mormon". But that is not quite true. Even those born into the church must at one point or another be converted to the gospel or we may drift away. We still must go through a "conversion" of sorts so our testimonies of the truth can stand on their own. As a teen, I went through much the same as most teenagers. Rebellion, pride, and thinking that I knew all that I needed to know. As I grew and matured, I came to realize how little I really did know about many things. When our son was 7 yrs. old he began to ask questions about religion, that I could not answer to his satisfaction. At that point, I decided that I should find out what I could about religion. As I was raised in the Mormon faith, and knew little of other faiths, I started to study some of them to get a better idea of what others believed. As I learned about other religions, I found that they had much truth but disagreed on some of the basic teachings of the Savior in the New Testament. I then decided that I should study the gospel and teachings of the Mormon Church . As I read and studied, and prayed, things just seemed to fit together better. As I read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, it made the things in the Bible easier to understand, and the more I read in the Bible the easier the Book of Mormon was to understand. I learned that The Book of Mormon did not contradict the Bible, but goes hand in hand with it. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Creator of the Earth. Then why would He not speak to and deal with ALL of His chidren on the Earth? The people of the Bible are Isrealites (jews). The People of the Book of Mormon are a part of the tribes of Israel and were brought to the western hemisphere (the Americas) by the hand of God. After 35 years of studying, and living my religion it makes more sense to me now than ever.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to live the way God would want me to live. By the laws and commandments given in the scriptures. I go with my family to church on Sudays. I am a counsilor to our bishop, and so I go to other meetings that pertain to that calling. My family and I try to serve in our community. We try to get involved is service projects to others both in the church and out. My wife serves in the church library on Sundays, and we try to help with youth service projects that are geared to help those that have a difficult time in doing some things for themselves ( yard work, cutting fire wood, light house cleaning as needed, meals to the sick, etc.) In addition, each male member is asked to visit, and look after 3 to 5 families in the church. Each of the women are asked to visit and be aware of the needs of 3 to 5 other women in the church. As a result, if we do what we are asked to do; each of us have someone to look after, and each of us have someone to look after us and our families. It works very well, and gives us an opportunity serve those we share common beliefs with in a setting other than just Sunday worship. We try to live a healthy life style by following our code of health. It is called the "Word of Wisdom", and has been given to us that we may live our lives to the fullest. We are asked to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful drugs. As a result, Mormons live longer and healthier than most other groups of people. I try to live my faith by doing the things that I know are right. Most of what I do are just common sence. Doing good to others, reading the scriptures and other good books, staying away from things that I know are harmful to me and my family, both spiritual, and physical. On the other hand, we are only human and fail on occasion. We get up and "dust ourselves off" and continue to try to do better. As we try, we succeed on occasion also. As we succeed, it gives us confidence to more and better.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Allen Brown
We start with a meeting called Sacrament Meeting for all to take the sacrament (bread and water) in order to renew covenants made with God. We encourage visitors to come with their families. We sing hymns appropriate to the meeting, and the season. We often sing patriotic songs during Holidays such as Independence Day or Memorial Day. Hymns of thanksgiving or Christmas Hymns during those times,etc. Hymn books are provided. We offer other meetings also that are age-oriented. Sunday School: 12-14, 15-16, 17-18, 18- and older. You can also come with no money in your pockets because we don't "pass a plate", or request donations. We have no payed clergy, so all that come can worship God freely, and share in the Spirit of God equally. Show more Show less