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Hi I'm Steve

I grew up in NJ. I play soccer, jam on the piano, and will make you laugh while doing it. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I moved to New Jersey when I was three years old so my dad could work on Wall Street. Every since he first took me in when I was five, I wanted to work there and got a taste of my dream the past two summers while working there as an intern. I was a Boy Scout and got my Eagle when I was 17. I'm the second oldest of eight kids and life at home is always exciting. I just graduated from college and now I work at a bank as a financial analyst. I love to play soccer and tennis, ski and swim, perform and make people laugh. My parents forced me to take piano lessons as a little kid, though I'm so grateful they did because I love it now, especially when I can play for a big crowd. I enjoy watching movies, reading books that are hard to put down, and playing hide and seek with my dog.

Why I am a Mormon

My family has been part of the LDS church since it was first restored, almost 200 years ago. I grew up going to church every Sunday - even when I tried to fake sick one time to get out of it. I knew the stories and beliefs very well but when I got into my teenage years, I started to wonder why my parents always got me up every Sunday for so many years. I asked myself a bunch of questions: Why was it so important? What was the point of it? And most importantly, was it true? And so I started to read and do what I had been taught to do when I wanted to know the truth of something, pray and ask God. He cannot lie and if He truly loves me, would guide me to the right place if I was willing to be guided. I was one of three members of my church in my school (one of the other two was my older brother) and so I was surrounded by people with different beliefs. I visited other churches to make sure that I was covering all the bases in my search for truth. But whenever I came to the LDS church or prayed about the Book of Mormon, I felt good inside. It was a small thing but, every single time, I had that same feeling. At first I thought it was a coincidence that I just happened to be feeling good that day. But after so many times and always getting that good feeling, I started to realize that that was my answer. I've never seen an angel or heard a Heavenly voice, but I've felt the peace and joy that comes from God answering my prayers and confirming that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's church restored to the earth, in the same form that He originally established it during his life. This knowledge gives me direction and purpose in life. I know who I am, what my potential is, and how to reach it. I know that I can live with my family forever if we follow Christ's Gospel. And above all, I know that God loves His children and answers their prayers if they're willing to listen and obey.

How I live my faith

When I was younger, I loved to dance. At dances, some people dance to every song, some dance to just a few, but some just sit on the side, wanting to dance but are too nervous or never get asked. I once had a teacher who took me aside before a dance and gave me a suggestion for that night: Every girl dances. I took it to heart and made it a goal in life. Everyone dances (metaphorically speaking). Get people off the sideline and into the game. Everyone needs a friend and I can at least be that. I live my faith by treating others like I want to be treated. I like to make people smile and be a friend to everyone. I try to involve everyone with what's going on because nobody likes to be left out. I have had several opportunities to share and my faith and teach over the years, from teaching a class of little kids, to a group of teenagers, to a group of college students. I have loved these opportunities because I learn so much more about a topic when I get to teach it to someone else. For two years while at college, I was able to work closely with my Bishop in taking care of the entire ward and I learned how much church leaders love and care for the members they direct. Being able to serve others has been the best way for me to get to know them and become close friends. It has brought joy to my life to be able to make a difference in the life of someone I care about. Last summer, I had the privilege of working with a troop of Boy Scouts from my ward. From hikes to a week-long camping trip, it was brilliant fun. I remember well that age and probably played more with them than other leaders were accustomed but I think the best way to influence and teach someone is to first become their friend then show them by example how to live life, for that is what the Savior did, and He is our perfect example.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Having faith in Jesus Christ will lead us to obey His commandments and follow His example. By following his commandments, we will gain the promised blessings which includes an enhancement of our talents and attributes. One of these attributes that can be enhanced is the ability to love. This is especially important in marriages and families. God has commanded us to love Him above all else; I take this to mean even ahead of one's spouse. If I give my heart to the Lord, some might argue that this takes away from the ability to love my wife. But by loving the Lord above all else, He increases our capacity to love so that we have a greater ability to love those around us. As this capacity continues to increase, we eventually will gain a greater ability to love a spouse, while still loving God foremost, than we originally had when faced with the choice to love one or the other more. Families draw closer to each other by first drawing close to the Lord. A reliance on the Lord helps family members to know that they can rely on each other. Alone, when man adds one and one, he gets two. With God's help, when a man adds one and one, he can get three. Show more Show less