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Hi I'm Rachel Lorraine

I'm a country girl, Who is terribly addicted to life, loves her Savior Jesus Christ, and loves to laugh..oh yeah, and I'm a mormon

About Me

It's so simple! I am a child of God, and guess what- you are too!! This one characteristic of who I am is the most important, because it helps me to know what and who He knows I can be in the future. We all have struggles, problems, issues- whatever you want to call them they are all hard! I love to journal, to look back to see how Jesus Christ has carried me and lead me through each one that I've had. I believe that our stuggles and experiences make us who we are, I love seeing people around me and getting to know them, who they are, where they've been and finding out where they are going and where they want to go, and then to help them get there!

Why I am a Mormon

Why do I choose to live this way? Simply, it makes me happy! Some might say it is what I was brought up to believe, maybe I was, but I wasn't forced to follow it. I wondered, hungered at a time to know what was true faith. I saw a lot of people dissagree on lots of different but important aspects of faith, so I went on a search. I went to find out who Jesus Christ was. At first I wanted the easy way. I wanted the blessings without any action or indicator of my faith. I went to several different churches with wonderful people...but something was missing. When I decided to go back to the church I was raised in, I didn't just get one "ah-ha" moment, I had to read, ponder, and then ask God and myself if that's what I should belive, I had to have many "ah-ha" moments. As each moment came I found that thing that was missing - my testimony of and my relationship with my Savior. Christ said "If ye love me keep my commandments." This church is all about keeping the commandments, even though it's really really hard sometimes, its really really worth it. I'm still on that serch for true faith, but I'm a lot closer- I get closer each and everyday as I read the Book of Mormon, The Bible, or any words of His servents and pray to learn, and understand.

How I live my faith

I help others to learn about how they can know their Savior even more than they already do; I'm one of those people who knock on people's door at random hours of the day inviting people to learn more about their Savior Jesus Christ, teach them about this wonderful plan that God has for us and I LOVE it! I live my faith by learning more about and following Jesus Christ the best I know how, and helping others to do the same. Sometimes I mess up, but that's the best thing about the gospel, is it doesn't matter how many times you trip in the mud, you can always get back up, repent and do your best to not do it again because of our love for our Savior, knowing that Christ is right beside you every step of the way.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Rachel Lorraine
How I understand it is, that the money belongs to the Lord, and by giving the money to help feed our hungry, build our church houses, and in humanitarian aid, we serve the Lord better and more efficiently because we are a worldwide church, so those with money in the more wealthy parts of the world can help those in the less wealthy parts of the world. With the church spreading the money out among those that are sick and needy instead of the food and shelter of our leaders, we can better share the love and the aid of the Lord. Show more Show less