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Hi I'm Rob Graham

I am a probate lawyer, graduate student, husband and father and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an attorney in Las Vegas. Many have come to know me through the advertising I do on television, but few actually know me as a person. I have a wife, three great kids and a dog. In 1992, I started my own law firm and specialize in probate and estate planning law. I like this area of law because I get to help people plan for the future and deal with the emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. I also do a lot of litigation in the field and enjoy helping family members come to resolution on their problems. As I do a lot of advertising, one of my favorite things is to meet people -- complete strangers -- in the store. Sometimes they recognize me right away, but other times they can't remember where they have seen me and ask if we were in high school together. I always say -- "no, I just have one of those faces." The nice thing is everyone is very kind to me. I don't get extra salt with my peanuts, but I always get a nice smile back and that makes my day!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a firm believer that all religions and even philosophies of men have at their base fundamental truth. Even the Boy Scouts teach fundamental goodness. I am not one to reject any person or belief, but rather, I gather the good from everywhere. What I have found is that the Gospel of Christ is like a giant bowl that can collect so much good and filter out the bad. I discovered Mormonism when I was about 14 years old. My parents were divorced, and I was living with my mother -- and essentially being raised by my older brothers. I didn't have a lot of supervision or direction, but I knew that there was a guiding hand in my life. I knew how to pray and I prayed often. One day at school, I told some friends that my grandparents were Mormon and they immediately attacked me, saying that Mormons were of the devil and that they were not Christian. My memories of my grandparents didn't fit that description. They were kind and gentle people who seemed to care for others. I decided that I would do my own research. On a bookshelf at home, there were dozens of books my parents had collected over the years and they had a fairly large selection of books on Mormons. I tried reading the Book of Mormon, but it was a little hard for me. My grandmother, however, had given me a book that helped explain the history involved and the stories in the Book of Mormon and I started to understand. I was more impressed, however, over the life of Joseph Smith. He claimed to have been visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ at only the age of 14. I understood his search for truth because I was on that same path. As I read more and more about the Mormon faith, I felt the presence of divinity in my heart. For a kid who was essentially nothing, I felt that I mattered in God's eyes and nothing else mattered. Soon I would experience true miracles to help me understand the divinity of the Gospel of Christ and I became a Mormon. My teacher was God and a few books on the shelf.

How I live my faith

Perfection is not something I will achieve anytime soon. As I get closer to God, I realize how much I need to work on and how many things I need to overcome. It isn't a bad thing -- overcoming. Those improvements are good and though there are struggles in making improvements, I accept the challenges as something that will make me better and I have faith that God will guide me through and at times lift me and carry me through. I have a hard time saying that Christ is my best friend. That sounds so exclusive -- as if he is my best friend, so he can't be your best friend. Instead, I like saying that he is my father. Not my father in heaven as I hold that title out for the father of Christ and the God of all, but more a real spiritual father. I have my father on the earth who has directed me through my life and given me good advice. Christ is like that father, but he loves me like my father here, but a more perfect love. He is my constant companion and advisor and friend. Sometimes he cares for me more than I care for myself. He sees and understands my potential and also knows how to help me reach my potential. I counsel with him throughout the day. I say a prayer and ask for direction and then listen to the voice that comes to me. I have learned that this is not my voice, but the wisdom and counsel of a loving father. I am not alone. I am never alone. Through the Holy Spirit, Christ teaches me and walks with me. I know that I am loved and I know that I am important to him. I don't understand the physics or underlying science. To be honest, the physical "how is it done" is almost too amazing to contemplate, but I do know that it is real and it is powerful. Some would say that it is all in my mind. I have tested God to see if he is there and when I have some faith, I see the results. They are repeatable. That is science in my book. After so many "lucky" turns in my life, I am humbled to know that God is the creator of my "luck" and I am thankful.