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Hi I'm Kami

I've been married for 31 years, We have moved 19 times as we have raised four children. Now I'm an empty-nester. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've kept journals since I was thirteen years old. Writing helps me see my life through a different lens. When I was a bit younger and my children were my main focus in life, writing helped me think through things more logically, helped me understand my children better, gave me something to help me see that I really was making progress and doing better as a parent. Now that all of my children are grown and gone from home, I love being able read about those different phases of life, even the more difficult times, because I can now see better how they, and I, changed over the years and i can more completely appreciate the adults they have become. One of my favorite kinds of journals is what I call a "Happy Book" where I create a short list every day of things that make me smile. What a fun way to call up memories. It's quick and easy and encourages me to be on the lookout during the day for happy things I can include in my journal entry. This kind of journaling increases my optimism and gratitude and helps me see and appreciate the positives in my life more. Life long journal writing has naturally led to a love of writing. I'm a member of a writing group that encourages me in that work and provides honest feedback. Crafting scenes, creating dialogue and evoking emotions with the written word fills a creative craving that I cherish. Naturally, I also love to read. I set a goal years ago to read 2 books a month. Since then, I've read almost 500 books. I sure love words!

Why I am a Mormon

Music is part of how I feel God speaks to me. Perhaps that comes from having a mother who played the piano and sang with us as we were growing up. We had a bright yellow children's songbook full of beautiful, brightly colored illustrations with songs for seasons and holidays and family events. All those songs made family and tradition feel so good and right. It was a natural transition to sing hymns and other songs about family and Christ and service as I attended church with my parents. That music spoke to my heart and made me feel secure and safe and peaceful. Anytime I felt alone or nervous or afraid, simply humming those melodies could calm me. As I grew to understand and appreciate the words and meaning of the hymns, I felt the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ ring true and clear in my heart once more. What I feel when the hymns are sung is more than an emotional response, it's a witness from the Holy Ghost that what is being sung is true and right and good. I naturally want to keep that feeling of peace with me and so I try keep my actions in line with those teachings and those sacred feelings. In tandem with this musical witness of Christ, over the years I have read and studied the scriptures, and I have prayed for understanding and for a witness of the truth of what I am taught. As I study about Christ's life, as I read of His atoning sacrifice,as I am in awe of His willingness to pay the price for my sins and to carry the weight of my burdens, once again there is a sense of goodness, and truth and rightness in my heart. I am at peace when I consider the doctrines of this church. The eternal nature of families,

How I live my faith

As the president of the women's group in our local church organization I get to work with a variety of women who bless my life immeasurably. Our group is young, middle aged and older, single and married, working outside the home moms, working from home moms, and stay-at-home moms. Some are widowed and others are divorced. Some are childless and some have blended families. All these women face life's difficulties as we all do, doing the best they can, praying often, working hard, crying, laughing, wondering how to keep going, struggling to make things work out. In spite of all the demands placed on them as women in today's world they still remain strong in their faith in Jesus Christ and try to follow His example. Seeing how these women help in the community, watching them sacrifice for their families, observing them giving and sharing with one another gives me hope for the future. If a family is experiencing difficulty, I'm often asked to meet with them to see how our church community can assist them. What a joy to be able to help out, with not only hope, but immediate resources made available through the sacrifice and giving of others. We work together to solve problems, move forward and become self-reliant. We have as part of our women's organization, a system of caring for one another that creates friendships, supports and sustains faith, and often bridges generational gaps. Needs are met in personalized and specific ways as two women, working in a team, are assigned to visit with, care for and stay in touch with several other women in our area. Prayers are offered in behalf of these women, service is given, messages of faith and hope are shared. There is great power is this personalized system of watchcare that I'm blessed to oversee and be a part of.