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Hi I'm Molly

I'm a hard-working student. I'm an avid reader and a constant writer. I'm a young wife. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm currently a university student working on becoming a high school English teacher. Learning is one of my favorite activities; I am consistently astounded by how much I really don't know about the world and all it has to offer. In that same vein, I enjoy reading and writing to a fault - I have to carry both a novel and a journal with me wherever I go, just in case the mood strikes. I'm also (and probably most importantly) a wife: I was married about a year ago to my best friend, and it has been one of the funnest and most rewarding adventures in my life so far. I grew up in a home that was far less than ideal, and for that, I find myself strangely grateful. I pride myself on multiple step families and half-families, families that are scattered on a spectrum of extremes. My experiences on this earth have been both colorful and dark, teaching me constantly about my Father in Heaven and his children on this Earth.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother, my sister, and I converted when I was eleven years old. My sister and I both had friends in grade school who loved us enough to want to share the gospel with us. The Church was a large part of my adolescence. I have very fond memories of Girl's Camp, the Trek, and many evening activities at the church building. My family and I became less active in the LDS Church during my high school years, when circumstances made life very difficult, and our hearts were hardened against the gospel. I personally slipped into a life very contrary to the teachings of the gospel. When I graduated high school, and moved away from home, I found myself very unhappy with the life I was living. I remembered the happiness I had felt at Church in my childhood and brought myself back. I believe that is when I truly converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There was no extreme turning point for me, not a single "Ah ha" moment I can point to: it was a progression of faith, a steady learning of myself, Heavenly Father, and the great blessing of the atonement. I am so grateful that I made the choice to truly commit myself to this gospel. I now regard it as one of the best ones I've ever made. I have since found and married my best friend (who is also a convert to the Church) and am steadily working towards my goals. Why am I a Mormon? It's not always easy, but I can testify that it is a sure way to lasting happiness. I have the opportunity to grow through trial and excel in hardship, because I have the tools necessary to reach potential far greater than I imagine. The gospel is true, the Church is truly Jesus Christ's; and my experiences have made that fact undeniable to me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through love. Currently, within the Church I have the privilege to serve the women in my particular area through a secretary position. This gives me the great opportunity to know the women I interact with on a level that allows me to serve them in whatever capacity they need. I truly believe that they key to loving your neighbor as the Savior taught is to know them. "The opposite of love is not hate but indifference" (Elie Weisel). I think we as humans, and especially as women, have great capacities for love: all we have to do is know a person, really know who they are and where they have come from and what they need. Indifference cannot prevail when you know someone. Loving them comes naturally. On a daily basis I strive to reach my personal potential: for others, for my husband, for myself. Heavenly Father loves us, as His Children. I try to remember that in all that I do.