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Hi I'm Bardett

I'm an Air Force Officer, Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician, Scientist, Informatics Specialist, Inventor and I am Mormon.

About Me

Hello There, My name is Bardett. I am a husband and a father of 5 children. I am a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician and a Colonel in the US Air Force. I am privelaged to take care of women with complicated pregnancies. This is very challenging and emotionally difficult at times but I am amazed at the human ability to overcome challenges. It is amazing to study and work in that miraculous process of pregnancy. I get to do a lot of ultrasounds and to perform surgeries on babies in the womb. I have met and cared for some of the most amazing families imaginable. I grew up on a small farm where days as the oldest son were long and hard. Although as a teenager I could not wait to get away from having to get up to milk the cow every morning before school or spend hot summer days hauling heavy bales of hay, ironically now I find a lot of peace and relaxation working with my hands in our family gardens. We have over 200 rose bushes and enjoy propegating and showing the roses.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a home with Mormon parents who taught us the Christ centered doctrines and principles of our church. My parents are wonderful examples of goodness who are always looking for ways to serve others. Growing up, I had no reason to question the faith. As I grew older and began to study, learn and apply scientific principles and as I was exposed more to the faith and belief systems of others, I began to carefully reassess the doctrines and beliefs of our church. I observed the effect that applying these principles had on those who chose to follow them or not to do so. I know that personally I am far from perfect, but I have experienced and observed in others that the more exactly the principles and doctrines of our church are followed, the better a person becomes as an individual and member of our society. I know that understanding the doctrines of the church make me a better husband, father, physician and friend. The doctrines of our church teach very clearly who we are in the eternal scheme of things. We are also taught why we are here upon the earth and where we are going after this earth life. I am grateful to know that I am a son of God with infinite potential. I remain a Mormon not just because of these experiences but because of the concurrent scientific and historical evidence that supports the church's claim on the reality of living prophets and the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon. My faith is based on my feelings and enhanced by my observations as a scientist. Having studied the Bible and Book of Mormon extensively and considered both the merit and concurrence of the docterines, I can only conclude that the Book of Mormon is of God. I am a Mormon then because I have experienced the power of the Christ centered docterines of the church, I feel in my heart the truthfullness of the principles taught in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and because the science around the Book of Mormon fully satisfies my minds search for truth.

How I live my faith

I strive to live my faith my avoiding substances that are harmful to my body. As a physician, I am grateful for the law of health we call the Word of Wisdom. It is amazing to me that these principles were revealed many, many years before we in medicine came to understand their truth. As a member of the LDS church I have had opportunities to serve my community and fellow church members in many ways, currently I am working with the youth programs of the church. I have some responsibility for training local congregation leaders in the youth programs of our church including principles and practicies of the Boy Scouts of America. I have been involved in the scouting movement either as a young man or an adult leader for over 30 years. While we lived in Europe on a military assignment, I had the opportunity to serve as a bishop of our congregation there. It was an amazing experience to feel our Heavenly Father help me to help support and guide the members of that congregation. In our military travels we have always tried to reach out and befriend those around us and share with them the blessings that trying to live our faith has brought into our lives as a family and as individuals. I find that an understanding of our eternal nature as God's children is of great help to me as I work with families who enjoy the miracle of pregnancy and birth. Where there are problems with mothers and their babies, my faith has given me greater ability to be hopeful and encouraging to those suffering through these challenges. I strife to live my faith by reaching out to others who seem to be struggling and by striving for excellence. I find that the core values of the Air Force, "Integrity First. Service before self. and Excellence in all you do.", complement the values of our faith. We borrowed our family motto from the Hard Rock cafe. It is Love All. Serve All and Save the Planet. We try to do just that.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The law of chastity is our Father in Heaven's commandment regarding the expression of sexual realationships among his children. As members of the LDS church we believe that the power to express sexual activity and to procreate is a privilage given to a husband and wife who are legally married. As an obstetrician gynecologiest I have observed that women who follow God's commandment to keep their bodies sacred and keep sexual relationships within the bounds of marriage avoid many tragedies associated with the missuse of these sacred relationships. While, keeping the law of chastity brings confidence, safety and self-respect, the opposite is true. Those who express their sexual appetites outside of God's prescribed command often encounter loss of peace, self-respect, and face the challenge of unplanned pregnancies or diseases that can have life long negative consequences. While following this commandment does not guarantee happiness, self respect or wondeful relationships amongs spouses, the law of chastity is a foundation for wonderful couple and family relationships. Show more Show less